5 Eases You Would Get From WooCommerce Amazon Payment


Good morning Woobeginners! Are you surfing the WooCommerce markets without knowing what would be the ones you need? Supposed that you were running a WooCommerce website, there were just a small number of buyers and followers. And in the same time, you were having a headache about payment method. So believe me, I know where your problems come from. WooCommerce Amazon Payment enables millions of Amazon buyers to purchase your products with their trust in Amazon for a long time. Therefore, they can purchase on your site with payment and shipping information in their Amazon accounts. It is really interesting right?

What Is WooCommerce Amazon Payment?


All you need to concern is that WooCommerce Amazon Payment plugin is very fast, easy and secure. There is no doubt that it is able to help you add gain attention from new customers, increase your volume of sales. In addition, some unnecessary costs will be eliminated and other costs will be lowered. WooCommerce Amazon Payment is a tool you need to grow your business with trust and credibility.

Ease Of Setup

How WooCommerce Amazon Payment will benefit both you and your customers? In order to offer Amazon Payments on your WooCommerce website, you will definitely need to have an Amazon Payments account. Then, you should enter your Merchant ID and MWS access keys. There’s a lot of information you must provide such as business information, personal information for yourself as a business owner. You should not forget your phone number and a valid billing address. Once you have finished the registration process, you would come to the next part. This is called verification. Well, you need to verify your account in Seller Central by logging into the link “https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/homepage.html”. In this stage, you may be required more information such as bank account details or beneficial owner information.
While having your account verified, you can also do two other steps. They are finding Merchant ID and creating MWS access keys.
By finding your Merchant ID, I mean that you carry these following steps:
Select Settings ⇒ Integration Settings ⇒ You can see your Merchant ID in there.
By creating your MWS access keys:
1. Select Integration ⇒ MWS Access Keys
2. Select “Access own Amazon Seller account with MWS”
3. Accept “Amazon MWS License Agreement”
4. Save the MWS access keys to enter into your WooCommerce Store back end.

That’s quite easy for you right? Once you have entered a world of business, you will find WooCommerce Amazon Payment is such a proper payment method for a seller and a buyer. Thanks to its credibility, your WooCommerce website now can be more reliable to your customers.

Ease Of Configuration

After using the WooCommerce Amazon Payment for a long time, you want to make some changes. Or you may want to have “some fresh air” on your WooCommerce website. WooCommerce Amazon Payment provides you the ease to configure. All you need is to install the plugin in your WooCommerce and activate it. This plugin is “WooCommerce Amazon Payments Gateway” which I would like to mention in detail later. There you go with the plugin, you should:
1. Go to WooCommerce Settings and make sure the base location is US, UK or DE.
2. Go to Checkout ⇒ Amazon Payment
3. Enter your Merchant ID and MWS access keys.
4. Edit what you wish in the Checkout field.

Ease Of Identification

Letting your customers know about Amazon Payments as soon as possible is recommended. With customers who are not familiar with your store, they really need something to rely on. With WooCommerce Amazon Payment, the shopping process will be easier. You are free to choose where to place your Amazon Payments Logo. The Amazon Pay image library can satisfy you with its latest designs of different color options and various sizes of marks and buttons.

Ease Of Attention

You may wonder what I mean here by using the word “Attention”. That means you can take care of your customers and pay attention to their experience and satisfaction. When purchasing products on your website, customers can log in using their Amazon username and password. Moreover, they will find it comfortable and easy to use. In contrast, you will get their names, email dresses and other necessary information to complete the order. Keeping people on your website is the most important matter to every shop owner. Losing customers when a payment gateway moves a customer off a store’s site is discouraged. Thus, WooCommerce Amazon Payment will make your customers stay on your website and may spend time discovering the website.

Ease Of Payment

With USD49, you can totally offer your buyers a great experience that they already trust. Luckily, there are no hidden add-ons or fees for monthly use, setup, cancellation as well as unused authorizations. Therefore, you can increase your sales and revenue without paying more. That is because WooCommerce Amazon Payment can reduce the total cost very efficiently.

Sum Up

In conclusion, WooCommerce Amazon Payment would be your great, excellent and enjoyable companion for you in the world of business. Besides, it can serve your customers with loyalty and credibility.

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