A New Way To Access Your Money: Authorize.Net Payment Gateway


Hello Woobeginners! How many times have you asked yourself to try a different thing? And how many times are you willing to try it without hesitation? As the shop owners, your duty is to give the most flexible and enjoyable experience to your customers. So it’s also very important until the last stage of purchasing products – the payment process. Therefore, I would like to bring you a better insight into the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway for WooCommerce.

What Do We Know About Authorize.Net Payment Gateway?

I’m sure that you all understand what payment gateway is to some extent. Payment Gateway is an e-commerce service that helps to process credit card payments for your online store. It plays a very significant part in the transactions on your WooCommerce site. Trying something new as Authorize.Net Payment Gateway rather than PayPal, Amazon Pay or Stripe will cost you no harm. Authorize.Net Payment Gate enables your website to take payments by accepting credit or debit cards in the safest way. It can easily process payments online and identify variants of cards such as Visa, MasterCard and etc.

Why Should We Choose The Authorized.net Payment Gateway?

There are three main reasons why you should choose the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway as your companion. The first reason is WooCommerce Authorize.Net Payment Gateway allows you to keep your customers stay on your site for the whole payment process. You customers won’t have to change the website or go to another associated website to have the checkout process completed. The second reason is that this payment gateway will allow you greater control over the checkout process. Therefore, you can observe or test if there were any troubles related to your checkout system. Moreover, you can enhance your website’s performance and impress your customers by having an effective checkout process.

Two Types Of Authorized. Net Payment Gateway

Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is famous for providing a safe and affordable credit cards processing. However, there are several different versions of Authorized.Net supported by WooCommerce. I would like to introduce you just two types of Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. They are Authorize. Net AIM and CIM. If you are not sure which version suits you most, let’s see their main features and differences as well.



These two versions both support you to keep your customers on your site for the checkout process. Secondly, you also have full control over checkout. Thus, you can change or implement the most effective measure to have your site functioned properly. Then, your customers can have the best experience. They will always desire to come back to your store.

However, SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is required due to checkout in order to give your customers maximum protection. Sensitive information such as credit card numbers or personal information will be transmitted more securely. Thirdly, it accepts international transactions from customers worldwide. They are payment or even refunds from within WooCommerce. Besides, it also displays authorization confirmation messages for transactions. Lastly, it brings convenience to customers for adding a mobile-friendly checkout with numerical inputs. Customers can add saved payment methods to their accounts without having to go through checkout.


You can purchase The Authorize. Net AIM or CIM Payment Gateways at $79 for a single site. While 5 sites cost $99 and 25 sites cost $199, it depends on your demand. A subscription will allow you to one year of updates and other supports from the day you purchase this product.


The Authorize. Net CIM and AIM are one of the cleverest gateways for WooCommerce because they offer supports with a lot of features. They allow you to change payment date, change subscription date and even more. In addition, these gateways support WooCommerce Pre-Orders too. Once the pre-order is released, you can totally boost up the payment process by charging payment method for customers. The reason for this quick process is that you have taken their payment information upfront. The Authorize.Net also support customers who prefer using eCheck to make payments. This electronic payment funded by the customers’ bank account which seems more popular today. So Authorize.Net Payment Gateway integrates this feature in order to serve customers with US bank accounts. Nevertheless, you must have an active Authorize.Net e-Check account if you want to use this feature.


Setting up Authorize.Net is not that time-consuming as you think. All you need to do is:
1. Buy this extension and download it.
2. Go to WooCommerce ⇒ Settings and go to the tab “Checkout”. Then you must click Authorize.Net in the list at the top.
3. Add information in boxes such as “Title”, “Description” or “Accepted Card Types”, etc. Be sure that you have enabled this gateway.
4. Save changes.


There are few differences between Authorize.Net AIM Payment Gateway and Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway. The AIM version doesn’t allow customers to save cards to their account. Meanwhile, the CIM provides this function. Next, if the AIM version is not compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Pre-Orders, the CIM version is absolutely the best choice so far. Lastly, the AIM is compatible with Authorize.Net emulators but the CIM is not. If you are not intended to use the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway module that is available in most third party shopping carts, you just need to purchase the CIM version.

Wrap Up

After having a small analysis together, I hope you all have general ideas about what WooCommerce Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is and how it works. Although the both version of Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is useful and interesting, they still have differences to serve certain customers’ purposes. Finally, they all aim at helping shoppers to enjoy their shopping time with happiness and cheerfulness.

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