All About WooCommerce Affiliate

All About WooCommerce Affiliate

WooCommerce affiliate is an affiliate management system for shops, developers, and sellers which helps to increase sales with your own affiliate program. WooCommerce affiliate is also an affiliate system which manages their own affiliate marketer account and also keeps tracks of the traffic Being sent by their affiliate and the monetary rewards of their affiliates have earned for their effort.

WooCommerce is one of the most customizable and suitable eCommerce platform for building your online business on WordPress and it is one of widely supported eCommerce plugins. It is one of the most popular eCommerce platform which powers 39 percent of online stores. It also gives you the ability to sell anything very comfortable. WooCommerce affiliate is made from woo commerce but the good thing about WooCommerce affiliate is that with it you can monitor each marketers that sends traffic to your online store .

Woocommerce affiliate is made up of many different tools but almost all the tools do the same function while some have some unique features. The tools helps you to track or monitor your affiliate earnings, tracks visitors sent to your web through their affiliate unique link,also helps to improve your sales rapidly because when you do not have time to advertise your products other users will share and advertise your products in which in return they gain a small commission from each product sold through their affiliate link.e.t.c.

One of the woocommerce affiliate tools is called affiliate pro. This tool automates affiliate commissions for each sale.Another tool is affiliate WP it also has great features like automatic generating of referral records when buyers are successfully referred to your store through an affiliate link, WordPress enables you to customize a referral rate, creating of affiliate coupon tracking, etc.

Another Woocommerce affiliate tool is a WordPress plugin called TYIH WooCommerce Affiliates which gives you the ability to create affiliate profiles and also allow your affiliate marketers earnings each time a customer purchase a product through their unique link .there many different types of plugins you can use.
Another WordPress tool used by WooCommerce affiliate is called affiliate WooCommerce integration light.In this plugin referrals are generated automatically for your affiliate each time a product is bought, it also allows you to set the commission rate for referrals made by your affiliates. There are other lots of plugins which can be used for WooCommerce

There are also other plugins that can be used to beautify and give your WooCommerce affiliate program a unique look and design these plugins are mainly done by WooThemes, they are:

  • Projects: It can be used to do a portfolio of any of your products.It also has the ability load in your recent products and displaying them on a specified page by using the plugin template system or through their shortcode, template tag or widget.
  • Our team: This is a team profile management syWordPresswhich displays team members profile that contains a little description and the member social links through shortcodes, widget or template tag.
  • Features: this plugin have the ability to display what features your services,products or company offers through the use of their shortcodes,template tags or widget
  • Testimonals: This is a testimonial management system for wordpress which is clean and also easy to has a feature that displays about what your customers says about your products,services or company through widgets, shortcodes or tags

Here is a guild on how to set up your own woocommerce affiliate program:

  1. The first thing to be done is to get a web host either free or paid
  2. Register a domain name for your website either paid or free
  3. Login into your hosting account,look for WordPress or WordPress icon and click on it in order for it to be installed
  4. Login to your WordPress dashboard, go to themes and search for responsive themes and install anyone, you can also customize the theme if you like. The reason you should choose responsive themes is that it is flexible and can adjust to any type of device screen
  5. Enable WooCommerce and affiliate plugin integration. By enabling WooCommerce means by installing a WooCommerce plugin such as, TYIH WooCommerce Affiliates, affiliate pro etc.
  6. Before you start using the plugin write the terms and conditions of your affiliate program
  7. After installation of the plugin, set it up
  8. Then after seting everything up you can now install some other plugins like features, projects, testimonials etc.

Being a WooCommerce affiliate is a legit and easy way to make money online without much stress because most times your affiliate does all the work for you without even lifting a finger. It is always getting popular everyday due to the fact that is one of the best eCommerce platform on the net right now .

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