Woocommerce Custom Payment Gateway

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So previously I had showed you a lots of plugins and tools on the checkout page and payment option. Serving your customers well until the ending minutes stands a golden chance of having life-time value customers. And they will come back unexpectedly and buy more from your site. So today i’m going to give you antoher tip on payment methods: If the customer can’t pay with your payment gateways, give him the opportunity to submit the order and send to you a note on payment options he can pay you with.

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Woocommerce For Dummies

Howdy those who’s for the first time been to WooBeginner.com! Until now, Dec 2016 it’s been quite a while since we started writing Tutorial on WooCommerce, Settings, Configurations, Tricks, Tips, etc. So here I have a summary list from articles of WooBeginner on the most basic step to do for someone who uses WooCommerce for the 1st time, a guide to WooCOmmerce for Dummies. Y’all.

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WooCommerce Related Products Widget

Hi everyone!

Earlier in WooBeginner I had introduced you with upselling and cross-selling strategies for your online business. As you know, these strategies keep your customers coming back and buying more from your site. So today I’m going to show you a tool to set a cross-selling and upselling strategy without too much effort by installing a WooCommerce Related Products Widget plugin.

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WooCommerce Paypal Express Checkout Plugin

Paypal for WooCommerce is developed by an Ace Certified PayPal Developer, Official PayPal Partner, PayPal Ambassador, and 3-time PayPal Star Developer Award Winner. With this WooCommerce Paypal Express Checkout Plugin, you can easily add payments to your WordPress/WooCommerce website. Besides, Paypal Express Checkout is different from standard PayPal, can increase customers’ completion rate up to 15%, which benefits in the long term. In this tutorial, I will guide your how to setting and integrate Paypal for WooCommerce.

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Smart Coupons WooCommerce

Howdy everyone! Previously we had introduced to you the importance of creating coupon and Giftcards on your site for a higher satisfaction from your customers. Today I’m gonna go furthur introduce to you about a premium plugin not to be missed, Smart Coupons WooCommerce. This one provides a powerful, “all in one” solution for vouchers, gift certificates, store credits and discount coupons.  You can thanks me later! Now, let’s find out details about Smart Coupons WooCommerce.

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