woocommerce best free themes

10+ WooCommerce Best Free Themes To Start Your Online Business!

The competition between online stores no longer revolves around who has the best products. Nowadays, online store owners have to pay close attention to how the interface of their websites looks, as well as how to build a persona to their brand. They need to look closely at providing a great experience to customers who are browsing their website. For new business owners with no programming skills or limited funds, being able to handle all of these could be a big challenge. Fortunately, I have worked with our team from WooBeginner to bring you 10+ WooCommerce Best Free Themes just for you, so that you can launch your business right now!   

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woocommerce digital downloads

Selling Digital/Downloadable Products On WooCommerce

When eCommerce is becoming more and more conventional, a new variety of products will come to the market online to fulfill the needs of the consumers. However, it can be a challenge for those who are selling non-physical items to set up a shop and add digital products, as this is still rather a new concept. Thus, the seller can face a lot of unexpected issues along the way. This article will guide you through what you need to know in order to successfully create digital and downloadable items on WooCommerce. Continue reading

woocommerce coupons

Creating WooCommerce Coupons In Easy Steps!

Due to its convenience and variety in products, eCommerce has now made it easier and easier for customers to find the best deals online. This makes them become more sensitive to any differences in price from several websites compared. Therefore, turning your business into a huge bargain in order to attract new customers should be your top priority. For this reason, I am going to show you how to do just that simply by creating coupon promotions for your shop on WooCommerce. Continue reading

woocommerce tracking number

Adding Tracking Number To Your WooCommerce Orders

When running an online business, it is important for your customers to know the WooCommerce tracking number of their orders. With the Tracking Information extension, your customers can now see the progress of their shipments being made. This is a short and simple tutorial for you to easily include the needed shipping information into your orders on WooCommerce.  Continue reading

woocommerce giftcards

Guide To WooCommerce Giftcards – WooBeginner

As the holidays are coming around the corner, customers are more likely to purchase gift cards for their friends, family, and co-workers. Based on a survey conducted by CardCash (2016), it states that “digital gift cards are the fastest-growing segment of the $127 billion gift card industry. Researchers expect e-gifting to hit 10 billion by 2016 and $14 billion by 2017, comprising nearly 10% of the gift card market”. Without a doubt, WooCommerce gift cards are a great way to promote your online business on WooCommerce because while you gain profit from whether the recipient used up the card or not, it is also a great strategy to provide higher exposure of your business to potential customers.

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How to Customize Your WooCommerce Theme - WooBeginner

How To Customize Your WooCommerce Theme

When customers visit your online store, the first impression about your business you are going to leave on them is how well organized and designed your shop page is. This is the factor that is likely going to affect your sales the most, as customers will use your shop page to assess its reliability and quality of the products. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to apply customized templates into your existing shop page. Continue reading