Best WooCommerce Compare Product Plugins


There is a small pity of WooCommerce that is they don’t have the comparative product feature which  is essential in any online shop since it helps customer easy to see the differences between products. However, there are some WooCommerce Compare Product Plugins that you can use to add on your eCommerce site.

Advantages of WooCommerce Compare Product Plugins

  • Customers can easily know about the different choices that are available for each particular product that they are looking for.
  •  Avoid the confusion for the customers as they easily find the one through comparison.
  • Save the time of customers since they don’t have to go through each and every product to choose the most suitable one.
  •  Easy to install and use.

YITH WooCommerce Compare


Allow your customers make a comparison among your products in the most efficient and easiest way ever just by a few clicks of your mouse. All products will appear in one complete table so the user can easily see the differences between the products. You can set each product features with the WooCommerce attributes in the product configuration. Besides, you can also add a simple widget to the list of products the customers have added, where you can manage them. Furthermore, you can simply customize the compare table with your hobby and style, by editing particular templates.


Comparis – Price comparison system (WooCommerce)


Comparis is a user-friendly compare product plugin built with WooCommerce. If you are running an eCommerce website, this is the perfect solution for your business.

It not only has a responsive design but also offers advanced filtering with categories, brands, search keywords, and Specification. Moreover, it allows customers to upload brand logo image, category and sub-category icon/ image.


WooCommerce Compare List


WooCommerce Compare List provides simple and easy to use and setup products compare features. All compared products are shown on front-end as an aggregate table of all products attributes. This plugin also allows users to share their compare lists to their friends to help them to choose the product. You can also use products-compare shortcodes to embed WooCommerce Recent Compares widget and compare tables to help your customers to get back to their compares.


Compare Products with WooCommerce


Compare Products with WooCommerce created by Bolder Elements allows you to add additional features to your products and compare them against others side by side in a clean, simple and organized. Customers can easy to use drag and drop interface, modify, add, or delete a product feature or a category without leaving the settings page. Product features can also be displayed in a separate tab on the products page or any page by using a shortcode.

Price: $18


WooCommerce Products Compare


WooCommerce Products Compare will allow your potential customers to easily compare products within your store. This let users select and compare products to help them make better buying decisions. Its highlight features are that add products to compare from single product pages and product archive pages, offer a Compare Products widget and customize your comparison page
Price: $79


Final Thought

All of the WooCommerce Compare Product Plugins above are available that help your customers add product comparison in WooCommerce sites. They not only help the customers easily compare available products but also make them have the better understanding of the features that are offered. It will absolutely ease the work of the users and help them to make the best decision! If you guys have any question about this list, feel free to ask questions in our comment area. We are very happy to help.

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