How To Choose Best WooCommerce Themes For Your Online Shops


“Don’t judge a book by its cover” – a popular expression that is good to live by. But the harsh truth in the online business world is that the design, the layout and overall visual of your website plays a determining role and directly impact your store sales. Customers really judge your online store and business through its “cover”. That’s why it’s important to choose the best WooCommerce themes for your online shopsBefore you start to create an online store, please take a look at some tips we’ll show you in this article to help you find yourself the niche themes.

Think of Your Brand & Products



First and foremost, you need to keep your company brand in mind as well as the products you will sell. Does your store sell clothes for youth people? Are you running a accessories store? Are you building a furniture company? What are your same industry’s competitors’ websites look like?

Most present WooCommerce themes are categorized by industry, that can help you easily a niche theme with your brand.

Free or Premium

Usually, one of the first things many people think about when considering WooCommerce themes is the price. There are plenty of free and premium themes available for online stores, so choosing a free theme might seem like the first choice without thinking. However, why many people still spend money to buy premium themes while they can get other themes for free? To answer that question, let’s see some basic differences between free and premium themes:

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Rather than focusing on the expense aspect, simply think of it as an investment in your business. If you fall in love with a perfect theme for your store, don’t ignore it just since it costs money. Even if you only have a small budget, you should find enough money for something as important as your online store design. This is a key to creating an online shop.

Have the Right Features for Your Needs

Does the theme support a landing page? Will you need a mega menu, sidebar or do you prefer a full-width layout? Does it have Visual Composer Page Builder, extra widgets? These basic features above are one of those you should be looking for in your right theme.



In this modern age, more than 50% of sales on online stores happen on mobile devices. Be based on that, you should view the mobile version before choosing a theme. Make sure to give the theme a thorough look on your tablet and smartphone. And one more thing, the mobile’s interface need be similar with the website’s one.

Lightweight and Fast

Avoid themes with a lot of heavy elements such as weird animations, busy loaders, weird animations, fancy scrollers, etc. These elements might appeal customers to your website, but in most cases, it just decreases your page speed and create needless obstacles. You need a lightweight site to sell products, make products’ images appear easier, improve customer’s experiences.

Compatible With Third Party Plugins

Plugins are what extends the functionality of your website. Although almost WooCommerce themes could work with nearly all the plugins, there are always some cases where you might be in trouble. If you have the intention to run an online shop, make sure your chosen theme will compatible with many good plugins.

Translation Ready

If English is not the popular language of your target customers, you need to make sure your theme is integrated translation tools. Likewise, if you have a plan to create a multi-lingual website, need to ensure that your WooCommerce themes have the Translation Ready as well as support a multilingual plugin like WPML.

SEO is Included

Imagine that you own a website that is not SEO. Your website could only show up on 5th or 6th results page, and most users rarely bother to look past the first page. In these conditions, only your friends and people who memorize your site’s address access your site.

A few years ago, shop owners had to hire a professional company to optimize their pages, but now SEO is integrated into a theme as a default service. If you purchase quality WooCommerce themes, they must be SEO optimized, so don’t hesitate to spend a little money to buy a premium theme that is integrated with SEO.

Look at Other WooCommerce Online Stores


One of the most important tips for any new WooCommerce shop owner is to take a look at what others have already done. Looking at other online stores’ themes will help you get a feel for the theme and see how it can be customized.

Now, It’s time to find Your Best WooCommerce Themes!

We have shown you some tips to help you get started in choosing a niche theme for your WooCommerce store. However, truth be told, there’s no “one size fits all” approach to choosing a theme. Every brand, every business is different, and the only person who can decide a perfect theme for your WooCommerce online store is you.

If you still consider about choosing a perfect theme, check out our WooCommerce themes store. We have categorized free and premium themes by industry. I bet you could at least a WooCommece theme that is suitable for your favorite and your site needs. Cheer!

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