Identify Yourself To Choose The Right WooCommerce Theme


The modernization of science technology has brought us tremendous opportunities to get access to Information Technology. For instance, instead of going to stores trying on clothes, people are now able to stay at home and use their own Internet-connected computers to get them a perfect fit. Thanks to a very creative plugin WooCommerce that assists users to create an online shopping website with most distinctive features supported by WooCommerce theme.

WordPress WooCommerce Theme Overview

WordPress seems to be unfamiliar with those who do not get used to programming or developing software at first glance. It turns out that even amateur users can run WordPress not only as a blogger, a magazine writer but also a shop owner. Accounting for nearly 30% of all online stores on the Internet, WooCommerce is said to be the most powerful and attractive e-Commerce platform for WordPress. As WooCommerce’s features as creating one’s online business and interacting with customers, many WooCommerce themes can build a unique website just by some clicks.

How To Find The Suitable Theme For Your WooCommerce

You need to answer three small questions to solve the above question. The first one is “How desirable are you?” It determines who you are and your willingness to design your website. If you are a busy person, you don’t have time to discover WooCommerce instructions. Therefore, you might be the “artistic” who interests in purchasing premium themes. Otherwise, you might be the kind of adventurous person and would like to design yourself. Then I would like to call you “beginner” or “professional”. “What type of products you are going to sell?” and “Which type of customers you aim at?” are also essential. If your products are luxurious, your theme needs to be elegant and polished. You need a bigger investment for these WooCommerce themes by having experts designed them for you and etc. Once you have made your mind clear, you definitely can choose the most suitable theme yourself.

WooCommerce Themes For Different Users

It depends on what type of users for you to choose the right WooCommerce theme for your website. Thus, WooCommerce provides themes for different targeted users as I would like to call them: “beginner”, “artistic” and “professional”.


For those who are beginners, a free StoreFront theme is the most basic and simple interface of an online shop. This WooCommerce Theme is totally free and it also allows users to explore each basic step. Its basic widgets such as shop category, new in, sales items, etc. can be a good starting point. These widgets help your business meet customers’ demand. This WooCommerce Theme is totally free and it also allows users to explore each basic step. What a necessary theme for WooCommerce Users!



The second type of users – “artistic”, is the one who would like to style his/her Storefront theme. They can even purchase premium themes from WooCommerce theme store. This type of customers prefers a more detailed and sophisticated interface. Their aim is to enhance the businesses’ performance. In order to get a deeper insight into developing, they will need to install child theme before adjusting Storefront. Another way is to get an expert on designing WordPress themes. As a result, more people are investing in WooCommerce theme store. These owners are often willing to pay.



WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce platform where users can be freely creative with their minds and skills. So the third type is a professional. This one would create his own custom WooCommerce themes by editing a number of HTML templates or various elements of a theme. It’s necessary for users to imagine every single step before customizing any theme of their own. These factors are page layout and store’s identity to shoppers. Besides, widgets are central to customers’ attraction and needs. The wise selection of such flexible widgets would prevent customers to leave their eyes off your shopping website. After all, how many products a shop owner can sell is all that counts.

Final Thought

In conclusion, having a well-designed theme depends on which type of users the shop owner is as well as his budgets and skills. And an awesome WooCommerce theme will absolutely promote your business. In addition, it will show who you are and turn your website into a cost-effective selling method. Therefore, it helps a business owner to make important inroads into the market.

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