ECommerce Promotional Ideas For Christmas & New Year 2016


In the last quarter of the year, or more specific are Christmas, New Year is always the best sales opportunity of the year. If you make good use of this opportunity, you can help your revenue increased significantly. Or simply making your customers remember your brand more. In this article, we would like to share with you some simple but stunning ideas, and how to implement a number of advertising campaigns in the Christmas and New Year. And there’s gonna have many good Christmas & New Year deals for you in the end of this year.

1. Write Letters of Thanks to All Your Customers

This is a simple way to impress your customers and make they remember your brand more. Create a handwritten letter, or an informal letter in order to thank and send wishes to clients and their families. Moreover, this letter should be sent under the name of the CEO, Founder or the Shop Manager. You can refer to some sample letters of thanks here:

2. Create A Bundle Product Specifically for Christmas and New Year

A bundle sale is usually an online sale where you can get a “bundle” of products for one low price for a set period of time. This campaign is going to promote your sale effectively in the end of the year.
Check this article: to refer how to create bunble products matching Christmas and New Year for your shop. Or in order to make your products more appealing, you can customize them into gifts assist customer gifting their friends.

Create a bundle product specifically for christmas and new year
Create A Bundle Product Specifically for Christmas and New Year

3. Create A Christmas and New Year Countdown Topbar

With DW Promobar plugin, you can simply create a countdown top bar on your website. Moreover, you can attach a discount coupon for Christmas and New Year. There have a effective way of discounts and frequently used – The Flat Rate Discount. 15%, 20% or 30% are the most commonly used in Flat Rate discount.

Create A Christmas and New Year Countdown Topbar
Create A Christmas and New Year Countdown Topbar

4. Create A Facebook Viral Contest

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, making a promotional program is always the most effective way to help you increase the number of followers on your social channel by creating a Facebook Contest. There are a lot of WordPress plugins that can help you do it so, you can refer to this site:✓&term=facebook+contest

5. Create A “Year In Review” Landing Page

The year ended is a good time for us to look back at what we has done during the last year.
A year-in-review page is to see how your emails did over the year. The page is a static snapshot of the previous 12 months, based on your brand’ memorable moment. Please refer to the “year in review” landing page of the big brands here: and make yourself a similar one in this year.

Create A “Year In Review” Landing Page
Create A “Year In Review” Landing Page

6. The Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” refers to a festive season begins on December 25st. The Americans usually hang wreaths on their doors on this day. Or it is also known as the name of a song, about a 12 special gift for people want to give each other these days. You can use this concept to develop a marketing campaign for your brand within 12 days. Giving your subscribers the various special gift for 12 consecutive days.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts
The Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts

Final Thoughts

Above are some ideas for you to promote products and services of your online store in Christmas and New Year 2016. You can apply one or all of these ideas to give your customers good impression about your business. Make sure that you get your Christmas and New Year online advertising campaign up and running at the start of the Christmas season, this will mean that your campaigns will get the most exposure during the season and your campaign will naturally be more successful. Christmas and New Year 2016 are also coming close, let’s start making your plans today. Good luck!

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