How To Configure Display Options


In this post I’ll expound to you how to configure display options which is, a set of options in WooCommerce. You will need that set in order to a) configure the proper presentation of components throughout the WooCommerce pages and b) administer the dimensions for the images of your online store.

It’s fairly simple to configure display options that this tutorial can be broken down into 2 steps.

Step 1: Entry the Display Options page

After, of course, access to the admin site of your WordPress installation and from the WooCommerce menu you need to simply click on through these tabs so as to access the Display options page:

WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display

Having done that, you should be landed on the default page that contains all the settings.

Entry the Display Options page
Entry the Display Options page

From now on you are in control to configure the display options.

Step 2: Configure Display Options

 In the default page of display options, you will work on two set of settings

2.1. Configure shop product page settings

The first set of settings is called Shop & Product pages. There you will find the following configuration options – what you can do at each one:

  • Shop Page – Choose the default page for your products
  • Shop Page Display – Configure what to be showed on the Shop page
  • Default Category Display – Select what to be displayed on the Categories archives
  • Default Product Sorting – Define the default sorting method on every products page
  • Add to cart behavior – Decide what to happen when a customer add a product to the shopping cart

Configure shop product page settings

2.2. Configure shop product image settings

After you finish with your first set, you can either save them from the Save Changes button located at the page bottom; or you can move to the second section of settings called Product Images.

You will be able to find the following configuration options:

  • Catalog Images – Images size in the products’ listings
  • Single Product Image – The size of the primary image in every product’s page
  • Product Thumbnails – Size of the thumbnails used in the gallery for every product’s page
  • Product Image Gallery – Here you can enable Lightbox for the preview of the images related to every product, which I recommend.
Configure shop product image settings
Configure shop product image settings

After you change all the settings, you should simply click on the Save Changes button to make sure that you make everything looks as you want.


Congratulations! You now know how to configure Display Options of your WooCommerce based Online Store!

If you have any question please let us know in the comment section. We are happy to help!

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