Detect Your Products Using WooCommerce Product Search


For many reasons, time is regarded as one’s treasure. As it is very important, shop owners need to understand and respect their customers’ valuable time. One way to save customers’ time is to provide them the most powerful and effective tool called WooCommerce Product Search. Customers are now able to find everything they want just by typing products’ names and pressing “Enter”. There will be instant or related results to items that your customers are thinking of. Thus, here is the overview of WooCommerce Product Search as an extension and introduction of some plugins with the identical function.

WooCommerce Product Search Extension


As it sounds, the WooCommerce Product Search brings customers instant search results as well as relevant search results. This extension helps you have a better control and improve the relevance of products in search results. In order to help visitors find products faster, WooCommerce Product Search also adds several facilities that supply instant results as well.

You may wonder what search relevance and instant search results are. Firstly, we can enhance the relevance of search results with powerful controls that introduce Search Weights to WooCommerce. These weights are products titles, excerpts, contents and tags. They represent products relevance in product search results. The more keyword matches these weights, the higher products will rank according to their relevance. Therefore, the more exact result will be shown to fit your customers’ taste.

Moreover, this extension also gives new controls to increase the relevance of individual product. While a live search facility provides visitors instant search results once they type in the search query. In order for you to choose the best location of the search facility, WooCommerce Product Search comes with a widget, shortcode and template API function. Some potential customers easily lose their patience and want to find products as quick as possible. Thus, this extension can reduce a great amount of time and increase sales substantially.


1. Download the .zip file from WooCommerce.
2. Go to the Plugins category, choose Add New and Install the extension.
3. Finally, you should Activate the extension.

Setup And Configuration

The first step is to go to WooCommerce Settings and Search box. You will find Weights to your left-hand side. Then, you tick Use Weights checkbox to improve the accuracy of products search results. Next, you can modify the weight of products individually so the sum of weights will determine the relevance of a product in the search query. The last step is to save what you have changed.

WooCommerce Product Search Plugins

Advanced Woo Search By ILLID

Advanced Woo Search is such an appealing live search plugin for WooCommerce that every shop owner should purchase for his or her e-commerce website. Both free version and premium version have the main feature of a WooCommerce Product Search plugin. It can search across all your WooCommerce products and use a friendly interface settings page with many options. Just like WooCommerce Product Search extension, this plugin provides shortcodes so that you can place a search box anywhere you like. The product images and prices are shown while customers type in the items they want to search. If you purchase a premium version, you will find an unlimited amount of search forms. In addition, choosing what catalog visibility must be for products to be shown is no longer a trouble.


YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

When using YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search, your customers will absolutely find no inconvenience at all. In most of the website, the search bar is the most important tool to show products as suggestions. However, sometimes it could only show a limited list of products in a confusing order. This WooCommerce Product Search plugin will make sure that customers can find what they are looking for and even more to see. This plugin requires WooCommerce 2.5 or higher and it is also compatible with three languages: English, Italian and Spanish.

If you purchase the premium version, there will be more to look at. You can show an image as the preview of the product to attract your customers. Moreover, you can add prices to the search result to show if there is any discount or promotion. Or it even can provide brief and helpful information of the products which you are interested in. By using the plugin with YITH Multi Vendor, your WooCommerce Product Research will be a powerful and useful tool to navigate your customers to what they are looking for. So you should purchase immediately for 6% off! YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search will cost you only $61.


Final Thought

After all, the sole purpose of WooCommerce Product Search is to help your customers save time in searching items they wish for. Therefore, they will remember your store as a place to purchase fast and with ease. Companions in your long-term business should be the ones that can make your website prosperous such as WooCommerce Product Search extensions and plugins.

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