Track Inbound & Outbound Link Clicks Easily With Free WordPress Plugin: DW Shortlinks

DW Shortlinks free plugin
DW Shortlinks free plugin

Today we are glad to introduce to you a free plugin which was built by the development team of WooBeginner/DesignWall with the name: DW Shortlinks. This plugin is currently being used in our WooCommerce Themes & WooCommerce Plugins listing. The main feature of this plugin is created short and clean URLs, with your own domain. Also tracking outbound link clicks, with internal reporting for hits per link.

DW Shortlinks
DW Shortlinks

Major Features

  • Create short and clean URLs, with your own domain
  • Redirect links to any location, both inbound and outbound, using 301 redirects
  • Track outbound link clicks, with internal reporting for hits per link
  • Create multiple link types with your own name

How it Works

DW Shortlinks adds a new custom post type to your Admin menu, where you can create, edit, delete and manage short links by 301 redirects. What’s great about DW Shortlinks is that it tracks click counts and saves them as a custom field. it’s really simple & cool and there is no setup involved. It works seamlessly straight out of the box for whichever theme and plugins you are using.

Link Example: Just to make it extra-clear, here’s how the DW Shortlinks plugin works.


Would you like to like to contribute to DW Shortlinks? You are more than welcome to submit your pull requests on the GitHub repo. Also, if you have any notes about the code, please open a ticket on the issue tracker.

Download DW Shortlinks

To download DW Shortlinks, you can access to the Product Info page of DW Shortlinks with the link below. Also at this page, there is some more detailed information about features, as well as the ways for you to contribute directly to the source code of the product.

Download DW Shortlinks

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