Filling Your Websites With Care By WooCommerce CRM


There is no doubt that customers are the center of every business. Normally, how successful is your business will be measured by how customers feel satisfied with your service. Recently, the modern world has led us to the innovation of the Internet. By Internet, we can easily communicate with our customers and suppliers. Thus, WooCommerce CRM solutions are one of the most useful tools for managing our customers effectively on WooCommerce.

What Is CRM And WooCommerce CRM?

At first sight, this abbreviation seems unfamiliar with us as Woobeginners as well as the shop owners. Therefore, I would like to provide you a deeper insight of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). I would like to call “Customer Relationship Management” is CRM in short. This refers to strategies and technologies that assist a business in analyzing and managing customers’ interaction and data. It aims to develop one’s business and improve customers’ satisfaction. Also through this solution, you can show your customers how much you care about their shopping experience.

The Necessity Of WooCommerce CRM

Get To Know Your Customers

While using the WooCommerce CRM solutions, you will never be afraid of not keeping track of your customers anymore. WooCommerce CRM will help you to create new customers’ records and help them place orders easily. It will provide them the greater care when they are shopping. Once customers have purchased products from your WooCommerce website, CRM will send them further updates about promotions, offers and so on. Thanks to CRM, we can access the customers’ personal information, purchase histories more simply than ever.

Track Your Customers And Send Emails

We all get used to a traditional sale technique is to send our customers promotions and sales information. You will have to search through records of customers to access previous communication details of each customer. However, searching the communication details is no longer a problem. A WooCommerce CRM will soon analyze and find out detailed records of communications with a specific customer.

Evaluate Your Business Efficiency

One advantage of using a WooCommerce CRM is that our business efficiency is accessed. The data we collect from our customers can be reliable sources for analyzing the efficiency index. The greater number of purchaser also means the more effective our current business policies are. In addition, these customers insights are very helpful to recognize potential trends in the future. So, appropriate strategies will be formulated and conducted.

WooCommerce CRM Plugins For Recommendation

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of WooCommerce CRMs that help you to boost up your e-Commerce business with the right blend of its customer manager, smart campaigns and the personalized web engagement. In the customer management section, Agile CRM proves to be an outstanding integration by its function of performing bulk actions. Moreover, it can analyze and sort customers based on relevant tags, deliver customers support with its web-to-lead technology. In addition, Agile CRM takes care of customers with seasonal promotions and holiday campaigns by its Smart Campaign. This power function is created in order to reach targeted customers at the right time. Besides, many pop-ups of deals or coupons will be shown to engage your web visitors.


WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

I want to recommend this plugin to all the shop owners. For its compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6x and 3.0x, WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager by actualityextensions can be your efficient assistant. This plugin has a lot of differences from Agile CRM. It can create dynamic and static groups out of customers data. So we can analyze and manage them wisely. We can also create these groups based on any attributes or variables we wish. It also allows your customers to leave notes with their orders. Thus, it’s very useful to know when the customers want to specify colors, sizes or special elements. Place and Log Calls also contributes to this plugin’s flexibility. Phone calls will be made through Skype or Microsoft Communicator with the click of a button.


Sales Autopilot

Sales Autopilot is a WooCommerce CRM that should go hand in hand with your WooCommerce site. It’s the most suitable solution for businesses with medium and small sizes. The tool is equipped with numerous features such as sales, communication and customer support as well. Sales Autopilot can handle customers’ problems very effectively because it has superior email solutions and follow-up activities. A shop owner can experience a free trial of Sales Autopilot with 400 emails. If you find it useful, you can purchase the pro version for just $19 per month.


Sum Up

WooCommerce CRM helps you to consume less time spending on managing business activities. Smart features of this plugin also assist you in saving valuable time and resources that can lead to higher income. At last, caring your customers with credibility, loyalty and comfort are what the WooCommerce CRM aims at.

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