How To Add New Simple Products In WooCommerce


As for me, this is an important part in the series Learning WooCommerce by yourself. In order to apply these tips in this article How to Add New Products in WooCommerce you should know about Product Attributes in WooCommerce because any product posting on a website requires elements: product image, category, price, type and even many attributes. However, on such simple level, like we are, I don’t require product attributes.

Adding a Simple Product

Adding a simple product can be very easy, especially for experienced WordPress users. Here are steps you need to do:

  • First, click on “Product” and then “Add product
Adding a Simple Product
Adding a Simple Product
  • Second, you will see a board that is similar to one when you add a new post.
How to Add New Simple Products in WooCommerce
How to Add New Simple Products in WooCommerce
  • Third, scrolling the below, a general tab fills out  your regular price, sale price and tax of your product.
Product data
Product data
  • In addition, on the right hand of the Add New Product panel, you can four meta boxes:
    • Product categories
    • Product Tag
    • Product Image
    • Product Gallery
Add New Product
Add New Product

To add a new product, you need to create a category. For example, if your new product is a White T-shirt for men, you need to create a new category with the name “Men’s T-shirt”. Then you can add the main image, a gallery of images and some product data.

7. Simple product

8. Simple product

9. Simple product

Finally, click the button “Publish”. If you want to know whether your product has been uploaded or not, you can click on the button “Shop” on the menu bar, or go to the link: http://localhost/wordpress/shop You can see the result below.

10. Review on Shop page

And when you click on the image of this blue T-shirt, this product will be displayed on product details page like this.

11. Review on details page

Final Thought

Now you can see how easy to add a product with WooCommerce is. With just a few basic steps, you can upload a new product to a website. However, this is a simple physical product that has no variations. On the next article, I will introduce you some different skills when using WooCommerce.

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