How To Get WooCommerce Help And Support?

WooCommerce Help

Hi WooCommer beginners, as you’ve known, WooCommerce is a fantastic WordPress plug-in which can help you a lot in your e-business. The more it can help, the more troubles you get when it goes wrong. Think about the bad scenario is terrible enough to make you cry out. But you don’t need to worry anymore when you can get the right guide to get WooCommerce help and support now.

Check The Conflicts

I’m sure there is more than one time you got trouble with this magic WordPress plugin and need WooCommerce help and support. What did you do? How can you get through these troubles?

The first thing you should do is not to ask for help but to check the conflicts to know exactly what problem happen with your website.

Make sure to verify everything is up to date. Go to the Dashboard > Updates menu to see if you have the latest version of all the software include WordPress, plugins, and themes.

This step not only can help you find your trouble but also can help you raise the security of your site.

  • Enable the default WordPress theme, Twenty Sixteen as the example. If your trouble stops right after, your theme gets a conflict. In this case, you need to contact the theme developer to get further assistance.
  • In case your conflicts are not about the theme, disable all plugins on your website one by one to find the one which causes the conflict.
  • When your issue persists and relates to other product, contact support for help.

If the issue is with a non-Woo (a 3rd party) theme or plugin, contact your developer directly to get your trouble solved.

Get WooCommerce Help And Support

There are four paths for you to get help and support for issues.

1.Use WooCommerce Help

You can access WooCommerce help from every page in the WordPress Dashboard which related to WooCommerce and Products.

Step 1. Dashboard > Products or Dashboard > WooCommerce or any subpage of those two.

Step 2. Select Help button in the top right corner of the window.

WooCommerce helpThere are five tabs open with Help bar on the left side:

  • WooCommerce 101: where support you a video explaining the main function of on the page.
  • Help & Support which gives links to documentation, the WooCommerce Help Desk, and the forum.
  • Found a bug? Where you can submit a bug in Woocommerce.
  • Education gives you many choices of partners which offer courses in WooCommcerce.
  • Setup Wizard offers chances to rerun the onsite guide when 1st using WooCommerce.

2. Open A Ticket

You also can open a ticket to solve your problem. It significantly speeds up the process if you can give us more information about the conflict such as your WooCommerce System Status Report, the temporary login, and more.

3. Search Documentation

The 3rd way, you can go to WooCommerce Doc and search documentation to find the way to solve your issues.

WooCommerce helpEnter your question in the search box area, or use your search engine to find the solution.

4. Get Support And Advises From WooCommerce Community

WooCommerce has a large community where you can get many advises and inspirations from other WooCommerce users all around the world.

WooCommerce helpWhenever you get any problem, go there to get WooCommerce help and support.


It is impossible to have your website always goes well. Don’t be confused if there is any issues happen. Find your own way to solve the problems in this article. Hope you can find the solution as soon as possible.

If you have any question, don’t mind to put in the comments area.

See you next time!

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