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As our previous article Recommended Plugins for WooCommerce said, WOO Stickers is one of the most productive plugins for WooCommerce. If you are looking for a perfect way to tell your customers whether products are new, on sale, or sold out, Woo Stickers plugin by Webline is the best choice for you. This plugin makes it easy to provide visual cues on each product in two styles: ribbon and round. Today, in this article, we will guide you the steps to set up WOO Stickers for your WooCommerce store.


Step1: Install WOO Stickers plugin

1) The first thing you have to do is to log in to your WordPress Dashboard and click Plugins >> Add New.

2) In the search field “Keyword” >> type “WOO Stickers by Webline” >> press Enter on your keyboard.

3) Install WOO Stickers plugin by press Install Now and finally, activate this plugin by clicking Activate.

Step 2: Setting up WOO Stickers plugin

Next step, choose “WOO Stickers” from the “Settings” section of your Dashboard sites.

General Plugin Settings


  • Enable Product Sticker: Choose “Yes” or “No” if you want to enable sticker feature or not.
  • Enable Sticker On Product Listing Page: Select whether you want to enable sticker feature on product listing page or not.
  • Enable Sticker On Product Details Page: Same with this above option, select “Yes” or “No” whether you want to enable sticker feature appears on your product detail page or not.

Sticker Configurations for New Products


  • Enable Product Sticker: Select whether you want to display a “New” sticker on a new product.
  • Number of Days for New Product: Text the number of days you want to display product as New (Default 10 days)
  • Product Sticker Position: Choose the position for your sticker: Right or Left.
  • Enable Sticker On New Product: There are 2 types of sticker you can select: Round and Ribbon.
  • Add your custom sticker: You can also upload your own custom new product image based on your hobby and style instead of WooStickers default.

Repeat the process of these steps in “New Products” tab for “Sale Products” tab and “Sold out Products” tab.

After configuring all the settings of each option, don’t forget to press Save Changes.

Sticker Configurations for Products On Sale


Sticker Configurations for Soldout Products


Final Thought

Setting up and using WOO Stickers plugin by Webline are very easy, right? If you have any questions or feedback, please use the comment area to let us know, we are very happy to help.

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I have a question… after i do all this… it does not see in my page… i think its a problem with the version of my woocomerce or my template… can you help me?

Kimberly Watters

So how do I get the Sold Out ribbon on to the product?????

Cherise Smith

Hi there. Great plugin thank you.
I made my own stickers for on sale etc. But how do i get the stickers to appear at the top of my products images.
At the moment they appear at the bottom and overlap on some of the text?
Thank you


Hi Cindy,
Do I have to use WooCommerce to use WooSticker? I can’t find WooSticker in my Settings after installing it at my panel, do you have any idea why?
Thank you for your help.

umama shakeel

is it possible to change colour of sticker