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After reading What is WooCommerce, you’ve got a glimpse into this Plugin, today we’ll learn more about it and the main part is about install WooCommerce Plugin.

Actually, Install WooCommerce plugin is quite easy. You can go straight to the home page of WooCommerce and download it here, or you can access to the plugin management to search and directly install it on your website.

First, you need to download the latest WordPress version and install a new site by using WordPress to learn about it.

See more to know how to Install WordPress.

After the WordPress installation completes, the next step is choosing which way to install the WooCommerce plugin. In this article, I’ll show you 2 detail ways to install WooCommerce Plugin. Let’s begin.

Install WooCommerce Plugin from your WordPress Dashboard

Step 1: To install the plugin, you need to log into your WordPress site. Then hover over Plugins >>> Add New

Step 2: In the box Search Plugin, type “WooCommerce”, then enter. The page will be refreshed. You’ll see the results are pretty many WooCommerce plugin. So which one is the right one?

Don’t worry, because WordPress is also cleverly arranged the right WooCommerce plugin right on the top of the list. You just simply click the button “Install Now” and wait a few minutes for the system to download and install the plugin. Then you just need to activate the plugin to use.

Install WooCommerce Plugin Way 1
Install WooCommerce Plugin from WordPress dashboard

The rest plugins on the list are the Extensions supporting the WooCommerce plugin. Out of the listed plugins, you can access here to learn more about the Extension.

The speed of installation depends on your Internet services, normally, if it takes more than 30s without downloading files to our site, the system will announce you an error message, and you can try this way again or choose the second one.

Download & Install WooCommerce Plugin from

Step 1: Access to this link >>> Click on the button “Download Version 2.6.4” to download the zip files to your computer.

Download Version WooCommerce Plugin
Download WooCommerce Plugin from

Step 2: Access to the “Dashboard” of your site, hover over “Plugin” >>> Click on “Add New” >>> Click on “ Upload Plugin

Upload WooCommerce Plugin
Upload WooCommerce Plugin

Step 3:Upload Plugin” area that appears, click on “ Choose File”, choose the zip file that you had just downloaded before and click “ Install Now” to upload it.

Install WooCommerce Plugin
Activate WooCommerce Plugin

Wait about 15 seconds to unpack and install the file. Click “Active Plugin” and your plugin will be activated.


I had just guiding you how to Install WooCommerce plugin. In the next article, I will show you about Initial Setup for WooCommerce Plugin before using your site.

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