How To Install WooCommerce Themes


In order to build an online site, you will need to decide a number of things. Apparently, a successful online business costs you with sweats, tears, and of course, money. Hence, you may want to scrutinize between options so as to utilize the limited resources you have. And one of the most important thing to contemplate on is your website presentation, or in WordPress language, the WooCommerce Themes. It’s the first impression!

Before I dig deep into the infinite world of WooCommerce themes. I want to recite a snippet:

“If you are thinking of creating an eCommerce store to sell your products online, WordPress is a great option. By using WordPress, your chosen theme, an eCommerce plugin, and a selection of extensions, you should be able to build an online shop that includes all the features you need to sell your products and offer a customer experience to match your brand.”  Read more.

So, how can I paint the best outlook for my WooCommerce site?

The answer is surprisingly simple: Find the suitable theme and Install it.

  •  Find the most suitable Theme for your Store

To find the best theme for your Store, most probably you will research among the internet hodgepodge database. But if premium theme (costs money) is not in your favor. Then finding a cheaper or free theme based on many aspects.

First of all, you need to clarify your website character to be able to find a matchy theme. Whether it’s a beauty site, a sport online store, a classy jewelry shop or a book library, you need to know for sure.

Then based on how much you can spend and how fast you want your website run, should you be able to choose the most suitable theme. I used ”suitable” since a theme usually cannot “have it all”. Most of the time, you need to list out criterias (design, SEO friendly, compatible, speed, etc.) to look at each theme. Then you want to prioritize these criterias so that it’s easier for you to compare among many themes and find the most suitable one.

To lesson your work, Designwall is one amazing theme design team who can solve your puzzle with their powerful DW Purity WooCommerce themes. It’s not free, but it is only one theme you need.

Looking for Free WooCommerce Theme, you should be able to find such on woothemes. Keep in mind that the themes there are with included regular updates so most probably you would like to purchase/download a theme from there.

  • Install the Theme

Assuming that you have found a theme, you have purchased it and have downloaded the installation archive for the theme. Great! you have done half of the theme installation. Now you are all set to discuss with the theme installation in this step. To be frank, installing a theme is related to the normal installation process of WordPress or any extensions. If you are already using WooCommerce, you would find no difficulty in installing a theme.

Step 1: Log into your WordPress admin panel > WooCommerce > Appearance > Themes

Access to woocommerce themes page
Access to woocommerce themes page


Step 2: Click Add New 

Add new theme
Add new theme

Step 3: Click Upload Theme button on the next screen.

Upload new theme
Upload new theme

Next you will be redirected to a simple one section page.

Step 4: Click Choose File button then upload the archive of theme you have downloaded.

Upload theme installation
Upload theme installation

Step 5: Click Install Now button which will enable you to install the theme you have chosen.

In short time, the theme will be installed and the last step is to simply activate it from the Activate link provided after the installation.

WooCommerce Themes activate
WooCommerce Themes activate

On the next page usually you will be presented with the home page of the theme as all of the themes purchased via WooThemes have their own backend and configuration pages.

Last words

You now know how to install themes on your WooCommerce based Online Store! Go to Designwall to find more suspenseful WooCommerce Themes.

If you have any question or results after this tutorial please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.



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