Integrate Google Analytics Into WooCommerce Store


Why should you use Google Analytics?

Analytics are the lifeblood of any eCommerce store. If you’re not using Analytics, you’re most likely to do it wrong. Google Analytics is the powerful tool of the online analytics world, helping you put an impressive analytics strategy with WooCommerce.

Google Analytics is a tracking service provided by Google, which allows you to track visitors and to receive different statistics about the overall access rate of your online store.

In the next few lines of this today’s tutorial, we will show you how to integrate this plugin into your WooCommerce Online Store.

How to Integrate Google Analytics Plugin?

Step 1: In order to the Google Analytics tracking service to be activated on your WooCommerce Store, you first have to install Google Analytics WordPress plugin.

Therefore, you need to login into the wp-admin area of your website and then scroll down to find Plugins on the left-hand sidebar. Next, click Add new.


Step 2: In the Plugins page, move to Keyword box and search for Google Analytics as a plugin name, then you will see the first result from the search. That is the plugin you will need to install. Then, click on Install Now button.


Step 3: Once that plugin is installed, activate it by press Active.

Now the plugin is activated, and next, you will need to set up it properly, which we will do in the next part of this tutorial.

Set up the Google Analytics Plugin

Step 1: Go to Settings > Google Analytics


Then, a new screen where you have to fill your Web Property ID in the box. 


Step 2: In order to obtain that code you will need to create an account on Google Analytics.


Step 3: After logging in your Google Analytics site, navigate to Admin >Tracking Info >Tracking Code like the picture below.


Step 4: Once you get your Tracking ID, you should return to the Google Analytics plugin page in your WordPress admin area and then simply enter that tracking ID into the Web Property ID field.
Once you are ready, please click on the Save Changes button to activate that service.

Last Words


You have successfully activated the Google Analytics plugin for your WooCommerce Online Store!

Now, start tracking your online store!

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