What You Really Know About YITH WooCommerce?


As we all know, WooCommerce is developed to assist users who have the intention to run an online store of their own. Therefore, users are willing to apply free or premium themes and logins in order to have WooCommerce run properly. YITH WooCommerce provides the most effective, simple and eye-catching plugins and themes. By a simple definition, we can understand that plugin is a program that can be easily installed to add a specific feature. Meanwhile, theme implies the design of your website. Its role is simply an interface for buyers and sellers to communicate.

YITH WooCommerce Overview

YITH or Yithemes is the provider of most of the appealing and useful plugins and themes for WooCommerce. They achieve 98% of customers’ satisfaction and always aim at the performance of WooCommerce. There are two types of plugins and themes: free and premium.

Two Types of YITH WooCommerce

YITH Plugins For WooCommerce

I would like to mention the way of categorizing plugins of YITH is very wise and clear. Indeed, users will easily find what they want on the yithemes.com. Plugins are divided into 9 categories. These 9 categories are administration, design & navigation, customers, promotion & marketing, payment, social network, product page, shipping & logistics and specialized platforms. In fact, Yithemes divides plugins into smaller categories in order to specify purposes of these plugins coupled with benefits and advantages to users. Furthermore, Yithemes also provides “Filter” column to help customers sort plugins such as “by status”, “by tag”, “by price” and so on. For instance, I will take two plugins to show you their features and advantages.

YITH WooCommerce Points And Rewards

YITH create this plugin with an intention of help sellers to gain loyalty from buyers. This calls “reward in exchange for loyalty”. YITH WooCommerce Points And Rewards can manage point collection by collecting points by the purchase amount, summing together and giving a free gift or a discount. In the long run, this promotion and marketing strategy will maintain customers’ loyalty coupled with their positive attitudes towards your store.

YITH Booking For WooCommerce

Are you tired of losing customers because of complicated procedure of a booking system? For this reason, YITH Booking For WooCommerce helps you to receive a higher rate of bookings and satisfy customers’ needs. This is most suitable for travel agencies or estate agencies and sellers of services such as hair salons or even restaurants.

YITH Themes For WooCommerce

YITH WooCommerce turns its ideas of supporting users into reality by providing a pack of WooCommerce themes. These themes will create an appealing, vivid and effective interface that attracts buyers. Buyers will feel comfortable and relaxed when they encounter a whole brand new environment like that. There are several WooCommerce Themes that bring such fresh air to buyers. They will not only impress your customers but also satisfy users like you as well. There are also 9 categories as compared to YITH Plugins. They are animal & pet, beauty & jewelry, e-commerce, high tech and gaming, interior and furniture, lingerie and adult, apparel & shoes – fashion, children & kids, food & restaurant. Two outstanding themes you need to know are:

YITH Iris: Free Interior Design WordPress Theme

In terms of Iris, I would like to mention the premium version of this theme that benefits lots of users. It’s a very elegant theme with a responsive design. It is compatible up to WooCommerce 3.0X. Some of its general features are SEO optimized, widget ready sidebars, valid XHTML/ CSS and so on. This YITH WooCommerce theme demonstrates itself as the ideal theme for ones who wish to start any type of e-commerce shop. And this is made for those who desire to get the best result from it.

YITH Santa Cruz: Sell Everything With Love

With a 5-star ranking, Santa Cruz is a YITH WooCommerce theme that offers you thousand of layout options and tools to help your website function properly. It will help you set each feature of your shops. Moreover, you can create features as you want. The premium package of $120 included: All features of the free version, filterable Faq page, 300+ advanced shortcodes and demo files. I hope this YITH WooCommerce theme will help you to run a smooth fashion business.

Final Thought

YITH WooCommerce is a foundation of your WooCommerce website. As when you build the house, you will need a solid foundation to make your house stand still. However, developers and designers of YITH WooCommerce try to put as much effort as they could to provide users such amazing themes and plugins. I believe they won’t let you down by the results you get in the future by using their themes and plugins. Hope that you will have wonderful experience and satisfaction like never before.

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