According to a statistic from buildwith, WooCommerce now powers over 39% of all e-commerce stores online. It is the first choice for everybody who wants to build an online store. It is undeniable that WooCommerce is free and accompanied by many great features.

However, using only the options that are built in the WooCommerce core is not enough to ensure a successful business. There are too many store business models out there that you can not implement with the WooCommerce core features alone. I can confidently say that there are no success WooCommerce stores without additional plugins.

There are a huge number of plugins available for WordPress in general and for WooCommerce in particular. 400 is the number of paid plugins on the official WooCommerce store. Not to mention, there are plenty of 3rd WooCommerce plugins available for WooCommerce.

You may be lost in the sea of attractive options, especially premium WooCommerce plugins. And it is exactly the place that the estimated cost to build an online store can quickly start to mount up.

The main reason why people prefer premium WooCommerce plugins is that they are generally better supported for the latest WooCommerce version and are well coded. While free WooCommerce plugins often come with limited features and lack of a guarantee in some aspects, security for instance. Furthermore, using one free WooCommerce plugin now but you might pay for the upgrade at a later time. However, premium plugins can consume a lot of money, including the cost of buying and upgrading.

Therefore, using free WooCommerce plugins wherever possible in order to reduce the cost.

Look no further! Check out the list of free WooCommerce plugins above to find the best solutions for scaling up your store.