Furniture WooCommerce Themes - the Story of Images, Colors and Emotions

Impressive images are a special attraction of furniture websites. Customers might initially come to your website because of curiosity but after falling in love with furniture products designed impressively, they would change their mind and try to pick up at least one product immediately.

So How Do the Furniture Business Owners Do?

The secret key lies on great WooCommerce furniture themes. There are five basic principles in designing: Balance, rhythm, emphasis, proportion and scale.

Balance: is defined as a balance of the elements that make up the whole picture of furniture. Balance can also be described the weight distribution of images in one space.

Rhythm: Rhythm holds all the elements of one room together. This results from the repetition of color, pattern, texture, and form.

Emphasis: Making a focal point that is impressive enough to attract immediate attention and retain the focus for the entire space. Emphasis is created from the arrangement of all elements in a proper manner. Another way is to place emphasis on “special” position and make them standout by its own characteristics such as shape, color, and proportion.

Harmony: A pleasant blend of each element such as style, color, texture, form, etc in an overall creates harmony. Space is harmonized when every single piece has to appeal itself.

Proportion and scale refers to the relationship between shape and size in order to achieve uniformity. The relative size of each object must relate to the size of the whole space and to each other.

These principles above are a guideline for you in building an amazing online furniture store: having an emphasis in a harmonious, symmetric overall and a rhythm throughout the site. Ensuring the principles, customers can not take their eyes off your furniture online store.

How to Choose the Best Furniture WooCommerce Theme?

When finding a WooCommerce Furniture theme, you are going to want to select one that has a lot of image optimization and variety of features for showing case your image products. Furthermore, the theme should be responsive in order that they look great on any device you choose. And also, you can be easy to customize every element of the page. Color-schemes, font types, and sizes, heading, background images, etc are free for you to experience. Therefore, it is better to choose a theme that gives you few layout options for perfecting the appearance and navigating options easily.