You introduce and promote products to potential customers through a marketing process. Marketing plays a very important role in the existence of your business because it directly affects the number of sales. Be based on that and a right marketing strategy determines the success of your own business. Without marketing, none of the potential customers is aware of your products. Sales may crash and your business may end up running, as a result.

WooCommerce Marketing & SEO Core

WooCommerce supports you several basic features to help you reach your customers: coupons, discount coupons and codes, SEO support, and product review. WooCommerce offers four types of coupon for you to choose: Cart discount (a fixed total discount for the entire cart), cart percentage discount (a percentage discount for the entire cart), product discount (a fixed total discount for selected products only), product percentage discount (a percentage discount for selected products only).

WooCommerce also allows you to charge free shipping through the use of coupons and set the date a coupon should expire and can no longer be used. Moreover, run on WordPress, WooCommerce is recognized as one of the best platforms for SEO practices. So online stores using WooCommerce plugin is especially good for search engine optimization (SEO).

Strengthen Marketing by WooCommerce Marketing Plugins

The goal of marketing an online store is how to increase the traffic to that store. First, remember to post content frequently. A study shows that different audiences react to different posting frequencies. You can do that easier with the help of a special plugin that allows you to schedule and manage all post. Second, as mentioned above, WooCommerce does not provide you an SEO tool. If you want to a tool to improve traffic from the search results on search engines, installing a plugin such as Yoast SEO is the only choice.