When it comes to building an online store, the question is that you need to offer the right products and services for the right customers. Each customer has different taste and hobby. Therefore, you should divide them into various groups and exactly meet the customer’s needs.

WooCommerce Membership Core

WooCommerce core provides you a very simple way to create membership site by using password protection while adding new products. Only customers who have the password can see what you offer them. Using password for products is just suitable for stores that have a small number of products. It is very annoying when customers have to enter the password for any product they want to view. And also, this method seems not to be effective at all because the password can be shared easily among others. The thing you need to do is utilizing a professional membership WooCommerce plugin.

Enhancing Your Sites by WooCommerce Membership Plugin

WooCommerce membership plugins offer you multiple membership levels. You can show restricted content to a certain number of customers at a specific time you want. This feature is considerably useful for selling online courses or learning materials. And also, subscription management now is much easier with the help of a WooCommerce membership plugin. Members can pause their own memberships by suspending a subscription or they can upgrade, downgrade memberships by switching a subscription, for example.

It is the fact that there are many WooCommerce membership plugins but not all of them provide specific features that you may need to create your membership site. So the first question you need to answer is how many membership levels you need, what payment gateways you want to use (PayPal, stripe or something else), what email provider do you want to integrate with MailChimp, etc, and the last one "what is your budget?"