A customer comes to your store, finds the product they want after considering the price and adds its to their cart, waiting to pay. However, when the customers reaches the checkout page to finish their purchase, the shipping rates suddenly appear in front of their eyes, making customers consider whether to buy the products or not. The products that customers suppose to be at fair and reasonable price turn out to be not as cheap as thought at all. We unintentionally pose a challenge to our customers again. A range of questions might be answered: “is this truly a reasonable price”; “am I willing to spend such amount of money for shipping?”; “are there any other store charging less for shipping?”. Shipping issue affects the customer’s purchase decision in the way like that.

WooCommerce Shipping Core

Shipping is an integral part when running an online store. WooCommerce, of course, does not skip this feature. With many impressive features built into core, WooCommerce allows you to make shipping, payment, postage and international delivery easier. Since version 2.6, WooCommerce has changed shipping settings considerably. You can add many zones as you need and set the shipping method for each zone. There are multiple shipping methods: Flat rate (creating a fixed price, per product or per type of shipping classes), free shipping (free delivery to customers based on the price of the order), Local Pickup (customers go to the store to pick up goods). Moreover, shipping costs hide until an address is entered. And shipping calculator can be enabled on the cart page, giving the most convenient purchase experient.

Enhancing Your Site by WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

You should give your online store more advanced shipping options than using default settings only. The importance key in this problem is that free shippings can attract customers the most but we can not apply this shipping method in all situations. By contrast, higher shipping costs than customers expect will prevent the customer from buying. So a convenient and comprehensive shipping policy is primary importance to retain customers and keep them coming back.

WooCommerce, in fact, offers you two basic method to charge shipping costs: free or a single rate for all orders. You should find the other different ways to improve customer’s delivery experience, by diversifying shipping rates, may be based on weight, a number of items, etc, for example. That means the shipping prices can be also based on the weights of the products ordered, instead of being based only on the prices of the products. Adding tracking number and carrier fields to your admin panel and display them on the customer’s order history page is another thing to consider.

And there are many, many ways to optimize website shipping process. These WooCommerce shipping plugins above are the best choices for you to do that.