Creating a Members-only Store On WooCommerce


In a technology era as today, there are many ways to make money online. The production of many kinds of business online accompanied by effective tools such as Woocommerce is the perfect rocket platform to support you. However,  the importance key is that choosing right products and services for right customers. That means you have to find which products and services that your customers want. But each customer has distinguishable hobby and taste. You can not serve the same product for all customers without changing to fit different groups of customers. Therefore, you need to use membership online model.

A members-only store will help you focus on separate groups of customers. Moreover, you can make a number of stable customers as well as a steady stream of income basing on the small amount of traffic only. Because I also, like you, like your customers, are willing to pay more for the plus privilege such as accessing more contents, products, discounts and so on.

There are many reasons for creating a members-only store on WooCommerce. Maybe you just want to have a private area for your customers, demonstrate your knowledge about a field that is related to products you are offering, review new products or even share your passion and your business’s goal for your customers.

Whatever your reason is, dividing your store into many parts can help you serve various different business needs.

  • You can use your WooCommerce Store to sell products for the whole customers and need a restricted area for certain kinds of customers.
  • You have different membership levels. Each wants to access different products.
  • Your company has a website with hidden links. These allow your staff only to purchase special products such as uniform and so on.
  • There are premium products on your store that are suitable for a small number of customers.

And there are many benefits of building a members-only online store. Three following benefits, in my opinion, are three benefits that stand out.

First, a members-only online website can help in creating loyal customers base by adding value. If you treat your customers well and provide them more than they expected, you can build a loyal group of customers who will go forth and be ready to tell the world about your store as well as any products you offer.  

Second, your stream of income will be more consistent and reliable. Strategies of the most famous successful membership sites are that they start with offering value for customers in the form of free content. This helps build a free membership base and earn the trust of the members who have already been brought many free values from your products and services. Your members will get used to your site and their loyalty will be built gradually. It makes you easier to offer premium products or paid options to view your products as well as your website. The stream of income, therefore, is more consistent and reliable.

Third, it is also a good way to promote your marketing strategies. You can implement right marketing strategies for suitable customers. Your customers agree to sign up your store members because they specifically interested in what you are offering. Or another word, you chose the right product to introduce to your customers. Due to the targeted nature of the audience, you can more easily to switch to a more effective marketing campaign.


Without extra plugin

members-only store

You can create a password protection while editing the page and publishing it. Your customers need passwords to see your products or categories.

The biggest advantage of this method is that you need not download and install any other plugin.

However, it is a good choice only when you have a small number of members-only products. It is not friendly for a large number of customers because your members have to enter a password for every single product. And also, the access limitation only depends on a password so you can’t control the sharing of it.

Using a membership plugin

When using a membership plugin, you will have multiple membership levels. These plugins let you create various membership plans with different incentives and decide which pages, posts, and products can be seen by customers, corresponding to given plans.  You can set up your store as an exclusively all-member store where customers need to purchase a membership plan before viewing any product. This method brings you to a more secure solution in which each member has a unique password. They can share their password with others.

These are some famous membership plugins: WooCommerce Memberships and Paid Memberships Pro or the free Groups plugin with the Groups for WooCommerce add-on.


You set up these plugins normally and then create your member-only areas and finally restrict access to your members.


However, this method still has some following drawbacks. They will take you a lot of money to buy and amount of time to set up because they are quite complicated to set up. They also rather difficult to build membership plans, adding products to these and assigning members who can access to see that product.  And moreover, when you have restricted your members-only products, non-members can not access these products, of course.  However, they still see these products on the main shop page and on other places. Once they also interested in that products, they then click the link to view the product but they can’t. How annoying they can feel !


So each method has its own pros and cons. Which way would you prefer? Or if you have any other better method, let’s share with us in the comment below.


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