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Howdy, everybody! Today we’re very excited to bring for you a good news!
We’re currently working on creating a new WordPress mobile app that will help connect your online business with both existing and potential customers. Amazing news, right? Yes, you’ll love it.

Why did We Choose to Build a WordPress Mobile App for our Customers?

As you know, 65% of users are using smartphones and the latest data from Yahoo’s Flurry analytics shows that 90% of consumer’s mobile time is spent in apps. As they put it: It’s an App World. The Web Just Lives in It.This 90% figure is a key insight why WooCommerce shop should decide to use mobile apps for their business.

So, there is no reason for ignoring applying this app for your business!

To help ensure a successful product launch, it’s important that you get feedback from our customers. Our expert certified online product feedback survey can verify that you have the right target audience and features for your new product. This template will give you input on what people think of your offering as well as products already in the marketplace.

Exciting with this new product? Let’s take a survey in a minute!

Take 3 minutes survey!

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