Why You Need WooCommerce Marketplace Today?

woocommerce marketplace
woocommerce marketplace

Ever dream of selling online? If you are yet to start your own online store, 2017 is time to make a new beginning and start smiling to banks like thousands of other sellers do. When most people see ecommerce stores, they presume it is something only big companies and those with a lot of capital can do….Wrong!

Even as an individual, you can have your own ecommerce shop set up in less than 3 days with your unique products. It gets better, you don’t have to worry yourself with pricing those products, managing the eCommerce store and dealing with administrative tasks, all these burden have been eliminated, you can now own your own shop without any stress and build a second stream of income….Isn’t that great?

Some merchants that don’t want to worry themselves with the hassles of creating their own store sell their products via Amazon, Aliexpress, Shapeways, Etsy, and other marketplaces. However, overtime, the administrative burden of doing so increases significantly.

The best way to build your own ecommerce shop today is by making use of this awesome WordPress plugin called “Woocommerce marketplace“. So far, this plugin is the fastest growing multi-store marketplace plugin for WooCommerce.
What this plugin does is that it completely transforms your site into a marketplace thereby giving people opportunity to sell products from your own store just like Amazon or Etsy.

Using WooCommerce Marketplace is very easy – You can configure it to sell your own products along with vendor’s product or you can move the vendor’s product to another place and display only your own products/services.
Imagine the amount of money you can make when you use this simple extension to host a multiple-vendor online store – You can literally be making six figures per month depending on how you are promoting your store.

Why WooCommerce Marketplace is Perfect Choice For Every Seller

Whether you want to sell your own products or vendors’ products, WC Marketplace is the best way to get started; we will take a look at some of the remarkable features of this plugin:

1. Ability to Register as a Vendor or Seller

Once you set up your WordPress site using WC Marketplace, you can go ahead and give people registering in the site the choice of registering as a vendor or seller. Once someone registers, the request will display on your “To-do List” and you can go ahead either to approve/disapprove them as vendors. When you approve vendors, you will also see the products they submitted for review in the “To-Do List“.

2. Choose the Kind of Products Vendors Can Sell

Another amazing feature of this plugin is that it gives you a complete control over the type of products vendors can sell on your site. Vendors can see the type of products that are allowed and they will submit them to admin for review to sell on your site.

3. Configure Commissions

The WC Marketplace gives you the ability to choose from 2 options of revenue sharing modes – Vendor Commission and Admin Fees. While the vendor commission is what the site admin pay the vendor, the admin fees on the other hand is what the site admin charges. The plugin supports four payment calculations through Fixed Amount, Percentage, %age + Fixed (per transaction) and %age + Fixed (per unit).

4. Commissions Payment Options

WC Marketplace offers automatic withdrawal of commissions and withdrawal by request for accumulated commissions. You can set the “Automatic disbursal” to pay commissions on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can as well set commissions to be paid only by request.

5. Multiple Widgets For WC Marketplace Details

WooCommerce Marketplace plugin comes with four different widgets for Vendors List, Product Vendor’s Info, Vendor’s Store Location and Vendor Quick Info Form.

6. User-Friendly

The great benefit of using WC Marketplace is that it is very user-friendly. I think the developers actually took the opinions, insight and suggestions of users into consideration when developing this plugin. You can easily see the new updates made by the developers based on the user’s opinion on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

Start Selling Today With WooCommerce Marketplace

Using this plugin is no-brainer for anyone that wants to create extra stream of income online. The best part is that it requires no technical knowledge to set it up. The developers have done a good job of making the setup very easy even for beginners.

Additionally, this plugin comes with interesting features that you don’t see on other plugin such as this one. The developer are constantly updating and adding new features thereby making it even better every day. No doubt, the WC Marketplace is the “the game-changer” for WordPress e-commerce shop owners. No need to waste time looking for alternative, you can get the plugin today and enjoy the awesome features that come with it.

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