OpenCart Vs WooCommerce: 6 Rounds Of Comparison


The world of business is changing rapidly. Companies are now moving their goods and services online. The eCommerce service providers are trying their possible best to reach their customer wants and needs in the most efficient means. eCommerce business is the determinant of the latest trend, and it’s showing no sign of supplanting.

However, for you to build an online store that is super- successful, you should make use of a practical approach to the vital tools and skills you need to start up your online venture. In other words, you have to know the eCommerce platform that will best suit your business as well as all the valuable tips that will help you monetize your website.

There are lots of options to look out for a while choosing an excellent eCommerce platform for your business. The diverse solution of eCommerce is vast, and users have a good number of alternatives to make their selections from.

However, if you’re looking for an eCommerce platform that has amazing features and packages, either OpenCart or WooCommerce would be the right choice. These two eCommerce platforms have the leading tools and features that will simplify the setting up of your online store. They have tons of possibilities and options for the customization of your online store. In this write-up, we are going to be looking at the step-by-step comparison of the OpenCart vs WooCommerce, their relative popularity, and their functionality.

Opencart Vs WooCommerce
Opencart Vs WooCommerce

OpenCart vs WooCommerce: Background


OpenCart was launched in the year 2008. OpenCart is an open-source and easy-to-use shopping cart system meant to manage any online store needs. It is free of charge, with quality features packed with its set of extensions and themes. It has a complete system of eCommerce which support servers like MySQL5, PHP5, and Apache. You can decide to host any of your choice servers with OpenCart till all its system requirements are met.


WooCommerce was established and launched in the year 2011 by WooThemes. Their plugin was meant for WordPress sites. With the use of WooCommerce, the conversion of an already existing WordPress website to a complete functional eCommerce store is made very easy. It is a successful plugin, backed by a reliable company. It has sophisticated features designed to give its users an amazing shopping experience.

OpenCart vs WooCommerce: Simplicity in Installation


The installation of OpenCart is very simple. It has two ways by which you can install it; by manual installation, and by the use of a single click script installer.

The process of manual installation is tiring and complicated. However, by making use of this method, you’ve better facilities and options for customization. In the other hand, the single click script installer has a nicer option for users who want the setting up of their online store to be fast. SimpleScripts and Softaculous are the two leading installers used in OpenCart.


The WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. So it uses the WordPress site as a prerequisite for its installation. If your website is well set, you can download and install the plugin directly from the WordPress dashboard. Visit the for the downloading and uploading of the plugin, and its necessary files.

Their comparison: The WooCommerce platform has a simpler process of installation than that of OpenCart.

OpenCart vs WooCommerce: Themes, Add-ons, and Extensions


The OpenCart has an interesting template for front-end by default, but you can select your template from more than 2000 options. It has free and premium themes. The price of the premium theme ranges from $60-$70. It also has a fantastic deal of add-ons available.

In OpenCart, the integration of Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics is provided by its default. However, for eBay, Amazon, and other essential services, you will have to pay for the special extensions. OpenCart also has an excellent SEO-friendly add-ons and shipping options.

OpenCart Theme Example
OpenCart Theme Example


This platform doesn’t contain some vital functionalities compared to OpenCart. If you want to make use of this platform, you’ll need to buy an extension for you to be able to reach your needs. You will have purchase various payment processors like PayPal.

WooCommerce offers limited help and support, so you will need to pay some amount to have full access to their forum.
Regarding themes and templates, WooCommerce platform has a nice collection of free and premium themes. Their price ranges from $39-$79. It also has an option for Adobe Photoshop.

Their Comparison: The OpenCart platform has better features than WooCommerce in the aspect of add-ons and plugins. But the two platforms has impressive features of handy plugins and add-ons for your online store.

OpenCart vs WooCommerce: Customization


Carrying out the task of theme customization in OpenCart is very complicated and tricky. The structure of the template is difficult to access, and its code pieces are stored in a database and not in HTML, thereby making it hard for its user to do the job of customization.


This platform has an amazing ability for customization. WooCommerce plugin provides all the needful tools for administration for revamping of the entire functioning and quality of your site. This platform also has a higher level of control for your design modifications.

Their Comparison: WooCommerce has a better and easier features for customization than OpenCart.

OpenCart vs WooCommerce: Multiple Stores


This platform has an independent solution for eCommerce, thus making the setting up of multiple eCommerce stores very easy with the use of a single installation.


This platform does not contain the feature of multiple stores. It is not used on sites other than WordPress, so you will be in need of multiple installations to have a multiple shopping carts.

Their Comparison: The OpenCart platform is better than WooCommerce in the aspect of managing multiple online stores. It also has more flexibility because it can work on any site, instead of working only on WordPress.


The OpenCart vs WooCommerce platforms has their advantages and disadvantages. So your choice will be based on your individual needs. If you’re in need of an independent online platform, and you don’t need much customization, OpenCart will be an excellent option for you. On the other hand, if your need is to extend the quality and functionality of your site in an easier way, then WooCommerce is there for you.

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