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How To Set Up WooCommerce Menu Cart


Sometimes just only the simple changes can make your website improve the usability. One change that we’ll introduce to you today is to add a menu based cart. Even though it is a simple change that shows the quantity and price in the cart, it makes your website become more friendly with the customers, they can easily see how many things they have in their carts and how much money they spend just by a quick look. This guide will show you how to add a simple WooCommerce Menu Cart to the main menu in your WooCommerce store.

Ecommerce Bundle Strategy To Boost Revenue


Last time, I had introduced you about upselling and cross-selling in action. Additionally, there is one more popular selling technique known as bundling. Ecommerce Bundle is the offspring of cross-selling and upselling. Bundling is also quite often used along with a discount to increase the perceived value of the offering.

Here’s more on the benefits of bundling.

Upselling And Cross-selling Anatomy

Upselling Cross-selling Anatomy
Upselling Cross-selling Anatomy

“Well, these trousers fit the jacket that you bought. You should take those just in case you need to wear them together” – Mom sincerely advised, pointing to the pair of trousers she found in the “Things you may want” section on Amazon.com. Cringing a little bit and having done what she told, the boy just got cross-selled.

WooCommerce Shipping Zone Setup


In the previous article, you have been shown basic steps in Initial Setup for WooCommerce Plugin. However, it’s just a beginning to create some basic sections of your website. It also has so many problems in each setting table such as  Tax, Shipping, AP,.etc. In this article, I’ll guide you more detail about WooCommerce Shipping Zone Setup which is always a not easy solve problem.


As the matter of fact, online sale website usually has shipping category. Once ordering a product, we saw many automated features for each type of  shipping for the customer to select and automatically calculate it on the bill. Of course, WooCommerce will not be missing this feature, so in this article, I will elaborate on the self-shipping charging function of WooCommerce delivery. I’ll divide into each individual post for you to follow.

How To Improve WooCommerce Security


WooCommerce holds more 20% of the eCommerce market shares now. The more rapid growth in the number of businesses are using WooCommerce, the more attention you have to on the security problems. All the information about your clients, transactions, profit is on your Woocommerce site. However, security seems not to be the first of website owners’ priority,  especially on the part of new store owners. They always say that why someone wants to attack such low traffic websites like their stores.

Life is about not knowing. You should hope for the best and prepare for the worst. A statistic of WP WhiteSecurity at the end of 2014 revealed a shocking fact that “73.2% of the most popular WordPress installations are vulnerable to vulnerabilities which can be detected using free automated tools”. That means with only automated tools in a few of minutes, malicious attackers can discover vulnerabilities of a WordPress installation and exploit them. So your WooCommerce site can be the specified of any hacker. What would it be like if hackers can go and use your server to spam emails or even worse steal your data?

How To Set Up WooCommerce Taxes


Tax seems like a complex matter with almost online store owners. But WooCommerce can help you in this respect by offering various options to address all tax settings that may vary in reference to your country and individual shop requirements. So, in this lesson of the guide to setting up an eCommerce website by the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin, we will talk about WooCommerce taxes system and how it can be run for your business.

Setup Wizard In WooCommerce


In the previous article, you have been guided to Install WooCommerce Plugin in 2 ways which are from WordPress Dashboard and from WordPress.org. However, it still has other setups that you have to do after activating the plugin. Thus, this article will help you clearly understand about each section of Wizard Setup and how to run it.

Recommended Plugins For WooCommerce

recommendation plugins for woocommerce

You’ve known that Plugins for WooCommerce is very beneficial for your website.

However, a website is like a human, carrying too much (plugins) then it will run slow. And an idle website is the last thing you want for your visitors therefore if you really need to install WooCommerce Plugin you must choose wisely.

Free WooCommerce Themes Collection


There is a saying that “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression”. It is your theme – the face of your WordPress will make it outstanding among others, holding everybody in your Website. Especially when you have intention to start an online business, choosing a right theme is primary of importance. However, the cost that you have to pay for a satisfied theme is not cheap. The average cost for one theme on WooCommerce ranges from 20 to 80 dollars, in fact. But for starters, why do you pay while you can absolutely get the free ones which are less qualified than the paid options but as good as ever. Here are free WooCommerce themes that I summarized to help you have more references.

How To Add New Simple Products In WooCommerce


As for me, this is an important part in the series Learning WooCommerce by yourself. In order to apply these tips in this article How to Add New Products in WooCommerce you should know about Product Attributes in WooCommerce because any product posting on a website requires elements: product image, category, price, type and even many attributes. However, on such simple level, like we are, I don’t require product attributes.