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Initial WooCommerce Settings


After the end of the previous article, you have been shown how to Install WooCommerce Plugin. However, everything is just the beginning, there are many other things that you need to know if you want to use WooCommerce Plugin fluently.

It could be said that this Plugin is a tool that supports a full range of functions is essential for an online sales site, but it’s quite difficult to use and take advantage of all features on your website.

In this “Initial Setup for WooCommerce Plugin” lesson, you will learn how to set up in all the tabs in the “Settings” menu, here are the important settings and necessary, if you want your website to live well with WooCommerce.

Install WooCommerce Plugin


After reading What is WooCommerce, you’ve got a glimpse into this Plugin, today we’ll learn more about it and the main part is about install WooCommerce Plugin.

What Is WooCommerce? Getting Started With WooCommerce Plugin


When you want to build an online-sale-websites based on WordPress, the first thing you usually do is look for a free plugin which is suitable to your needs. But I bet there is not a free plugin that can fulfill all your requirements like the WooCommerce Plugin can.