Why Use WooCommerce Storefront

Why Should Use WooCommerce Storefront?

When using Woocommerce, the themes certainly not always be able to support your shop the best way. The reason there is that because WooCommerce plugin will be adding a few components required, such as store displays, booths, carts, … that if the theme is not optimized display uses these components it can not be nice because of default display of WooCommerce. Otherwise, the themes for WooCommerce will often add the cart on the menu which is nice and comfortable. Continue reading

WooCommerce Photography (Part I) – Getting Started!

Humans love many things and one of them is photography. Photography is a part of the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Perhaps it’s because photos are so inextricably linked to the way in which we immortalize moments and capture special times. That the reason why today I bring you WooCommerce Photography, an extension designed to make selling and buying photographs online an intuitive and easy process for both photographers and their customers! Continue reading

PrestaShop Vs WooCommer - Which is the Winner

Prestashop Vs WooCommerce – And The Winner Is…

The comparison between PrestaShop Vs WooCommerce is a comparison between the best eCommerce plugin in the world and one of the best platforms in the world.

Prestashop is a free open-source eCommerce solution. After appearing in 2007, it is gaining its popularity very quickly. This platform gives business flexibility and a low entry barrier to building an online store
WooCommerce is one of the best shopping cart plugins available for WordPress. Founded in 2011, WooCommerce is a young platform with high development potential. Continue reading

30+ Online Tools That Any Shop Owner Needs To Know

To build a successful online store, you always need to have many eCommerce tools to understand what your customers need, their behavior on the website, and how to improve your website. Today, with the revolution of the internet, you do not need to buy and install software offline in your computer to perform these tasks again.

There are many SAAS (Software as a service) that help you do these tasks in a convenient and fast way. In this blog post, I will list some of the most useful online tools for you – the online shop owner. Besides, share this article for those who do Online Marketer, Web Developer, Growth Hacker in your group or your company so they can help you build, optimize and increase traffic to your online store.

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Adding Swagger to Your Products With WooCommerce Brand Plugins - WooBeginner

Adding Swagger To Your Products With WooCommerce Brand Plugins

WooCommerce online sites always have product categories and product tags to help store owner easily group their products in a way that customers can find products quickly. However, there are lots of customers interested in the product brand instead of the tags or categories they are grouped in. For example, customers would prefer zoom in directly to famous brands such as Adidas or Nike rather wade through all the shoes on sale. Because the powerful benefits of selling products of famous brands are a guarantee for quality and style. customers know which brand they trust and they could purchase it if they see it listed in your catalog and will be more motivated to pay high prices for high-quality products! In the write-up, we have listed some WooCommerce Brand Plugins that can swagger your products as well as increase user’s experiences for your online store.

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How to Write a Success Win-Back Email in E-Commerce - woobeginner

How To Write a Success Win-Back Email In E-Commerce

Any online store has its own mailing list – its own customers. Including lapsed customers, those who purchase (or use your service), but for some reason, they no longer use. Many online retailers unaware of reactivating lapsed customers. They focus on poured lots of money into online advertising on Facebook / Google Adwords to find new customers, spend money on achieving higher rankings and converting new visitors into leads, etc. And totally ignore the simplest and most effective method of increasing their revenue – winning back old customers (win back email campaign).

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woocommerce giftcards

Guide To WooCommerce Giftcards – WooBeginner

As the holidays are coming around the corner, customers are more likely to purchase gift cards for their friends, family, and co-workers. Based on a survey conducted by CardCash (2016), it states that “digital gift cards are the fastest-growing segment of the $127 billion gift card industry. Researchers expect e-gifting to hit 10 billion by 2016 and $14 billion by 2017, comprising nearly 10% of the gift card market”. Without a doubt, WooCommerce gift cards are a great way to promote your online business on WooCommerce because while you gain profit from whether the recipient used up the card or not, it is also a great strategy to provide higher exposure of your business to potential customers.

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