Prestashop Vs WooCommerce – And The Winner Is…

PrestaShop Vs WooCommer - Which is the Winner
PrestaShop Vs WooCommer - Which is the Winner

The comparison between PrestaShop Vs WooCommerce is a comparison between the best eCommerce plugin in the world and one of the best platforms in the world.

Prestashop is a free open-source eCommerce solution. After appearing in 2007, it is gaining its popularity very quickly. This platform gives business flexibility and a low entry barrier to building an online store
WooCommerce is one of the best shopping cart plugins available for WordPress. Founded in 2011, WooCommerce is a young platform with high development potential.

PrestaShop has been recognized as one of the best eCommerce software while WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin that transforms a WordPress site into a fully functional online store.
In this article, I will help you make the best choice by making a comparison between two of them!

Basic Principles of PrestaShop vs WooCommerce

PrestaShop Vs WooCommerce
PrestaShop Vs WooCommerce


Prestashop is a purely eCommerce platform designed to help medium and big sized businesses to sell their products online.
You can add static (CMS) pages and add a blog functionality using a free module.


Woocommerce is a FREE WordPress plugin designed to extend the CMS’s functionality with a shopping cart.
The predominant feeling that it gives: it was meant to help content websites to sell some products related to their subject matter.

Design of PrestaShop vs WooCommerce



With PrestaShop, there are 1300+ themes available on the official website: 1300+ themes, 390+ themes available on ThemeForest, 1000+ templates available on Template Monster.
Forget about nulled/stolen modules or themes.
I have tried to find obscure websites that offer such items, but they are well hidden also, the themes we struggled to find are outdated, incompatible with current versions of Prestashop or with plenty of bugs. Do not forget that nulled items could be infected with different kinds of malware


When we think of themes, our mind usually takes us to WordPress themes. These are the most popular ones. Not every theme is built to work with WooCommerce, but with the possible help of some plugins, you can easily make any theme compatible with this eCommerce platform. Most templates can be found on ThemeForest. There are around 430 out of the box compatible WooCommerce themes available now. There are about 6000 themes designed for WordPress; almost every one of these can be modified to work with WooCommerce.

Nulled themes are one of the most controversial subjects out there. there are a LOT of websites providing nulled themes and plugins; most of them for WordPress and WooCommerce. You should be careful with these modules/themes: check the Security section down the page for some examples of vulnerabilities.

Implementation Comparison of PrestaShop vs WooCommerce


PrestaShop is built using the Smarty framework. So, if you know a little bit of HTML and CSS, you can crack the design on your own.


The WooCommerce design can be edited from within the theme itself, by overriding the plugin’s templates. There usually is a “/WooCommerce/” folder within your theme. There you can create your custom design.

Flexibility Comparison of PrestaShop vs WooCommerce


Prestashop allows the developer to customize eCommerce store easily according to his opinions and customer’s need. You can add or delete different features through the admin panel.


Business can categorize products and give sale prices and independent attributes. WooCommerce stores are able to provide physical, virtual, downloadable and even affiliate products. Moreover, this platform accepts many types of payment with POS solution.

You cannot beat the flexibility that WordPress has to offer. You have to understand that this is not only a match-up of WooCommerce and PrestaShop but WordPress as well and all that it has to offer. For all the different components of having an eCommerce site WordPress has everything available to you that other platforms like PrestaShop don’t have.

Let me explain. You are going to need an SEO plugin so with WordPres you can install one free of charge. Whether you want to work on and add a social media sales and shares, email marketing, live chat, customer review, affiliate marketing, or promo code plugin you can. You know that as time goes on you are going to want to explore other avenues and find different ways to build your site. With the thousands of different free plugins and extensions that come with WordPress and WooCommerce, you can’t beat it.

Reputation Comparison PrestaShop vs WooCommerce


PrestaShop is a self-hosted open source shopping cart system that gains increasing popularity. So far, there are nearly 3.8 million downloads on the official site and more than 600,000 community members, which clearly shows its leadership in the industry. Also, it is among the top 10 scripts listed in Softaculous, one of the most popular auto script installers utilized by thousands of web hosts. At present, PrestaShop is serving over 185,000 stores in more than 160 countries.


On the other hand, this is the #1 eCommerce plugin designed especially for WordPress sites, widely used on all kinds of sites for selling online. By now, WooCommerce has more than 3.4 million downloads, powering approximately 260,000 websites.

Ease of Use & Backend Admin Comparison of PrestaShop vs WooCommerce

Both of PrestaShop and WooCommerce can be used for selling anything, including physical products and downloadable items like music. Besides, the 2 solutions both offer simple tools for adding and deleting products, creating the category, uploading image, displaying related products, and managing product review. The installation of them is quite simple, only requiring several clicks. If you need assistance in this process, check this guide for PrestaShop and this one for WooCommerce.

In terms of the backend, PrestaShop comes with a well-organized dashboard which allows you to browse statistics for sales, orders, conversion rate and visits on the basis of Day, Month or Year. For the management of order, customer, price, shipping and any other part of your store, you only need to have simple clicks on the detailed navigation bar and do what you want with ease.

As WooCommerce resides on WordPress, it allows you to use the familiar WordPress editing tools to add products. Taking advantage of the simplicity of WordPress, the plugin is built to be easy-to-use. Using WooCommerce, it is quite easy to get order details, comment actions, sales reports, and the overall store performance.

Price Comparison of PrestaShop vs WooCommerce


Most of the full functional modules are not cheap. When upgrading and expanding Prestashop, you need the high budget to purchase templates, themes, and extensions.


WooCommerce is an open source plugin. It is easy to transform your WordPress website into a thorough-bred eCommerce store free. Users can find many free themes, extensions and install them quickly. Other extensions are required payment but they are cheaper than different platform extensions.

How do I compare the prices? You have to add the other things that you need to have a successful site. First, whichever one you choose I recommend SiteGround hosting, which is only $3.95 a month. SiteGround has the highest customer satisfaction rating among all hosting services and they give you powerful features that you will not find anywhere else. They are well worth every penny. It sets up your site in minutes. PrestaShop boasts that it is free, but they have to make their money somehow. They make money by selling expensive modules and services. Things that would be free with WP are going to hurt your pockets with PS.

A Facebook like the box, Canonical URL, Google Rich Snippets, Popup Promo, or an SEO module will cost you $44.99. An Interlinking module is going to cost you $204.99. These are things that you need and you will need some more things in the future that you don’t know yet. With PrestaShop, the prices are going to add up to you fast. I guarantee you that you are going to want to play with a lot of plugins. WordPress gives you over 30,000 plugins for free. You are going to be saving a lot and you get the full package.

Basic On-page SEO Comparison of PrestaShop vs WooCommerce

When it comes to SEO there is no competition. I have never heard this yet, but if someone says that PrestaShop sites rank better than WP that tells me that they are new to the online world. Most sites are powered by WordPress and a huge percentage of the web is using WP SEO plugins. Many eCommerce sites are using the Yoast plugin. Some of the sites that you like to go on are probably using it as well.

Final Thought

Honestly, both of the 2 solutions are powerful enough for building an excellent web presence no matter for beginners or web developers. Due to their differences in their nature and features, I hope that you will have the answer for yourself.

For me, Prestashop is recommended for people who want to focus on selling products only without managing a site for other purposes like blogs, forums, and photography. WooCommerce is suitable for people who have already run a WordPresss site and would like to get sales from the site directly.

What about your opinion? Do you agree with me? Let’s me know in the comment section below!

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