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Someone asks over doing setting configurations “when will my products appear on the website. Building online store is taking so long.” Well, to those who is overly excited about having a store online as quick as possible, i’d say “be patient because configurations should be paid seriously attention”. Overlooking these rituals, apparently the front-end website will look bad, it would end up lumbering or worse, stop running. Everyone wants a strong and steady online store. So let’s get these settings done carefully.  Let’s check again the Initial Setup for WooCommerce Plugin ; Create a new category in WooCommerce  Or Creating Coupons for WooCommerce. Follow the tutorial series, in this article, i will show How can you add Product Attributes in WooCommerce.

What is Product Attributes?

Product Attributes is a range of available choices for each product which you have control over in WooCommerce. They can be used for a product like a shirt, where you can offer large, medium and small and in different colors; each color may have their own price too.

Adding A New Product Attributes

It’s rather simple in only four steps:

Step 1: Go to: WooCommerce >> Products >> Attributes

Adding A New Product Attributes
Adding A New Product Attributes

Step 2: Type in the “Name” section a product’s category. Leave them Slug, Type, Default as they are.

For example, I typed Color and Size, press Enter.

product attributes option

Step 3: To each product attributes, you can add options by pressing configure terms.

After pressing configure terms:

Attributes Configures Terms

Step 4: Make more options freely for each attribute.

For example, attribute “Color”

attributes option
Attributes Option

Wrap Up

I’ve just shown you how to add product attributes in WooCommerce. Adding attributes in WooCommerce is technically quite easy throughout several mouse-clicks. That is because Attributes is one small of many parts of Product Variables in WooCommerce, about which I will tell you more on another day.

Finally, since a product has many different traits and in order to sell them effectively on your website, you should read more about how to maximize your website’s potential by How to Add New Simple Products in WooCommerce

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