Recommended WooCommerce Product Review Plugins


Reviews play an important role in making decisions of our lives. Various questions run through our mind when we are making choices. For example, do you want to eat a delicious food at a good place? You can check reviews online on the restaurant’s’ facebook site. Do you wish to watch an interesting movie? You can check IMDB for the review. Do you want to travel to a place that has beautiful landscape? Go to travel blogs to read reviews without waiting. Do you want to buy a new modern smartphone? Go for online stores. From small items to big ones, through the internet, you can buy anything you want over WooCommerce online stores with just a few mouse clicks. And while choosing the right selection, nothing better in decision making than taking a look at product reviews.

Product reviews help visitors to your online store decide whether or not they would want to buy a product. Positive reviews can make a prospective customer purchase the product. It is the fact that good comments and reviews bring a good image to the product. It is one of the biggest factors that influence purchasers’  decisions.

Creating a product review for your online shop requires lots of hard work. If you want to create a review layout according to your preferences then WooCommerce is your solution. It comes with numerous plugins choices which are considerably noteworthy. I have specifically listed down my favorite WooCommerce Product Review plugins for your online shop.

Free WooCommerce Product Review Plugins

WooDiscuz- Woocommerce Comments


WooDiscuz keeps customers closer to your shop by allowing your customers to discuss your products/items and asks pre-sale questions before buying products. WooDiscuz also enables customers to vote for comments and share products. This plugin allows you to provide a great customer support on any product page. You have a ready and product-specific FAQ under each Product separately. With WooDiscuz, your sales are most likely to improved!


  • Add “Discussions” Tab on product page
  • Responsive discussion form and comment threads design
  • Interactive, simple, clean, and easy user interface and user experience
  • Fully integrated and compatible with WooCommerce
  • Adds labels for each discussion member (Support, Guest, Customer)
  • Not allow spammers to comment with Secure and Anti-Spam features
  • Product sharing options: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
  • Users can Subscribe or Unsubscribe to new comments


YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews


YITH Woocommerce Advanced Reviews plugin offers something interesting more than the traditional product review and rating. It allows your users to add a title and attachment(s) to their reviews. Furthermore, a summary is created for each product that shows how many reviews have been written for each rating.

YITH Woocommerce Advanced Reviews plugin offers something interesting more than the traditional product review and rating. It allows your users to add a title and attachment(s) to their reviews. Furthermore, a summary is created for each product that shows how many reviews have been written for each rating.


  • Add snippets to the reviews.
  • Allow users to add a title to product review.
  • Allow customers to attach some image and attachment to review.
  • Customize look and feel.


Premium WooCommerce Product Review Plugins

WooCommerce Advanced Product Reviews


Use this great WooCommerce Advanced Product Reviews can have a huge impact on driving sales, especially for products that are costly or unknown to your prospective customers clearly. WooCommerce Advanced Product Reviews is designed in order to help your customers better in judging your products and help you sell more products.


  • Created unlimited custom fields
  • Created unlimited comments forms
  • Easy to create forms with drag and drop options
  • Subscribe to a comment with/without commenting
  • Email notification of new comments with custom fields
  • Pinned comments to feature the best comments
  • Like/Dislike comment

Price: $20


WooCommerce Product Reviews Export/Import


WooCommerce Product Reviews Export/Import plugin helps you export your products reviews and also import them back. This plugin allows you to get right visibility for your own products to you can improve your products and your online store better.


  • Export and Import Woocommerce products reviews and rating.
  • Add new custom reviews for the shop product.
  • Update existing reviews and rating.
  • Easy to manage export & import CSV.

Price: $18


Woocommerce Import/Export Product Reviews


WooCommerce Import/Export Product Reviews plugin is perfect for importing products reviews from one store to other through a CSV file. During importing reviews process, admins have full rights to edit the author name, date, ratings, and content of the reviews. The plugin is created with the purpose of making a process of exporting or importing the reviews about a product simpler. The products reviews can be set up by using a CSV file as well. The plugin is easy to install and compatible. It is being appreciated by lots of store owners everywhere who claim that the plugin brings them good results and help their reviews handling process less strenuous.


  • Extension Import/Export product reviews.
  • Admin can edit author name, rating, and contents of reviews.

Price: $19


Advanced Product Reviews For WooCommerce


WooCommerce Advanced Product Reviews was created with the purpose is to help your customers review your products better so that you can sell more product.


  • Multiple pre-built rating options/designs
  • Allows customers to attach video or photos to reviews
  • Allows users to up/down vote reviews and flag inappropriate reviews
  • Set maximum number of reviews per product and per user.

Price: $59


WooCommerce Product Star Rating and Review


WooCommerce Product Star Rating and Review plugin is built to customers can add lovely star ratings & reviews to the products on your online store. The plugin is also equipped with other powerful features to drive traffic and more sales to your store.


  • Manage who can review, normal users or purchased user or both.
  • Control the visibility of review option only for customers who purchased product
  • Control view review, review option only for registered users
  • 100% Responsive and easy to customize

Price: $18



All of the WooCommerce Product Review Plugins above are available that help the customers easily review available products and make the best decision! If you guys have any question about this list, feel free to ask questions in our comment below.

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