How To Setup Shop As Homepage


At the previous article, you’ve known definitely about YITH Essential Kit for Woocommerce, so, in this article, I will guide you How To Setup Shop As Homepage. In some of the separate themes for WooCommerce, you can easily find most products are taken out of homepage while others themes are not available that feature.

Of course, we can not turn a simple theme into a theme that fully supports WooCommerce except you have a lot of experience working with code. However, we couldn’t make it professional but we still putting products out of the homepage in the simplest way. I will introduce you how to set up shop as homepage in 2 ways. Let’s begin!

Setting Up Shop As Homepage in DashBoard

Once you activate WooCommerce, a Shop page has available in order to display the list of the latest products. We can take advantage of this availability by setting a static page into WordPress home page to make it out of the homepage, by:

  • Going to Settings >> Reading >> A static page
  • Select the Fron page is “Shop”. If you want a page to display the latest posts, then select on the Posts page.
Setting Up Shop As Homepage in DashBoard
Setting Up Shop As Homepage in DashBoard
How To Setup Shop As Homepage
How To Setup Shop As Homepage
  • Select “Save Change”, you will see your Shop now is out on the homepage. Simply like that.

Create a separate page and use shortcode

If you feel the Shop page is not as diversity as you imagine and you want the Shop page displays a variety of products from many different categories, the only way is creating a new page, then write the contents to be displayed on, you can use Woocommerce shortcode to display the products.

  • First, let’s create a new page, I named it such as Home to identify easily.
  • In the content, you can write anything on, or use the following shortcode:


[products orderby=”date” order=”desc”]  Display the latest products.

[product_category category=”slug-categories”]  Show new products based on the product category names.

[sale_products per_page=”15″]  Show 15 products on sale.

[best_selling_products per_page=”15″]  Displaying 15 best-selling products.

[product_attribute attribute=’color’ filter=’black’]  Display products containing the color attributes and attribute values are black.


Although most of you want the homepage looks better, but this article is just a general guidelines that anyone can do it. If you are not satisfied with the display of this product, you can choose to buy the theme of WooCommerce. In the next article, I will introduce

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