Three Essential PayPal Plugins Enhance The Payment Process


Recently, we all have been quite familiar with a payment method using PayPal – the most flexible, high-quality payment service so far. PayPal is a safe and easy way to send or receive money from one account to another. It can also function as a merchant account. That means a WooCommerce shop owner will need the help of PayPal payment method. I would like to introduce three essential PayPal plugins enhancing the payment function in WooCommerce.

PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN)


In order to access money in the shortest time, shop owners should immediately install PayPal Instant Notification on their WooCommerce websites. Each time a transaction occurs on the PayPal account, the PayPal server will send the data to you. Every transaction event will be notified to the merchants. Such events are payments received including Express Checkout and Adaptive Payments, credit card authorizations. Of three essential PayPal plugins, with this plugin, when there are recurring and subscription actions, you will know as soon as possible. Besides, the information of chargebacks, disputes or reversals along with refunds will pop up. What you can do is to update the inventory, email a purchase confirmation, update customer list, issue a refund and so on. Thus, you can easily handle every issues or matter related to transactions procedures in time.


It just takes you few seconds to set up the PayPal IPN. If you already have PayPal on your WooCommerce, you should do three steps as follows:

  1. Firstly, click on the My Account tab ⇒ Profile ⇒ My Selling Tools
  2. Then, scroll down to Instant Payment Notifications
  3. Choose IPN Settings button. In this section, you need to enter the notification url. This is the site that PayPal will send the notifications of the payment to.
  4. Change IPN Messages to Receive IPN messages (Enabled) and click save.

Now you find the first one of the three essentials PayPal plugins useful, right? Let’s come to the second one.


PayPal Donations


The fourth industrial revolution has brought the Internet to people all around the world. That’s when the Internet shows up in every aspect of our life. In the previous years, you bear in mind that donating money or goods to a nonprofit organization is an offline act. But with this essential PayPal plugin, donations can be made online and integrated with WooCommerce. By using PayPal Donations, you can increase the effectiveness of your website or your fundraising campaign.

If your business is sharing commons with many organization, this plugin absolutely helps encourage donations transfer. Because Paypal is a secure, easy way to pay get paid therefore you won’t be afraid of losing your funds. Many customers know and trust PayPal, they will transfer funds without too much hesitation. They even don’t have to worry about payment security or PCI Compliance. Moreover, PayPal Donation can increase your customers. It gets your supporters to come back and donate again with ease and happiness. Last, this plugin can integrate with many templates and other supports that you already have.


  1. Insert the button in your WooCommerce website with the shortcode [paypal-donation]
  2. Choose the default settings.
  3. Lastly, if you want to create your button, you can add additional options.

PayPal Donations is available in many languages in order to help you receive donations from various donors.


Payment Gateway Based Fees And Discounts For WooCommerce


Among three essential PayPal plugins, I believe this  will help shop owners to generate the highest revenue. First, it can set fees or discounts if you use PayPal as payment gateway on your site. These fees and products can be set on all products. Therefore, you have the full right to set fixed amounts, percentages or other fees. Second, This plugin also provides three calculation methods. They are fixed amount, add the percentage to the total amount and include the percentage in the total amount.

With an order, this plugin provides an option to manually add a fee after your user completes checkout. It will be most suitable for whom do not want to share revenue with the payment gateway. Third, it can clearly separate costs of goods from payment gateway fees. With the complex fee structure, you don’t want to set on your own because it’s very time-consuming. So the best solution is to let the price stay the same until the checkout process. Fourth, it will increase your business credibility and trust to your customers. However, it costs you a few minutes to have a minimum setup.


  1. First, you should go to WooCommerce Settings
  2. Next, you should click Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts.
  3. Then, you can set fees or discount values and other categories as well.
  4. Wrapping Up

    WooCommerce PayPal has an ability to connect buyers and sellers by a quick and flexible payment method. Particularly, three essential PayPal plugins I have mentioned so far are great options to enhance your customers’ payment process. These plugins will not only secure for customers but also bring many benefits to you.

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