Upsell And Cross-sell In Action

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Earlier I had made sure that you understand how Upsell and Cross-sell are utterly important in commerce, especially, in eCommerce. In this episode, I’ll expound more particulars about upselling and cross-selling.

Let’s begin!

Upsell foundations

If you are upselling offline, the technique to upsell is fairly easier and varies from case to case where your customers have mixed feelings about the products they are buying. Therefore, in real life, you depend on buyers’ emotional states to decide whether to offer them an upselling product.

Indeed, Wikihow is telling you 6 steps which upsell offline(ly) can break down into:

  • Know your products intimately.
  • Read your customer.
  • Make an initial contact
  • Recognize when hanging back will be a more effective sales technique.
  • Let the customer decide what is affordable
  • Select upselling options

In many ways, online and offline upselling share commons. Nonetheless, upselling in eCommerce is one very different story since you and your customer are not having a face-to-face conversation. In fact, he is making decisions based on what your site offers. Period. There’s no re-introducing or telling him where to look or what is better.

Unless, you keep reading …

Keep in mind

Last time I had mentioned that there is a mere 4% of customers convert on average through upselling.

However, this 4% includes the people who are willing to pay more and give you the majority of extras money. When it comes to just 4% that you are targeting, the margin for error is as thick as the edge of a blade.

To make the most of these unicorns, here are some suggestions on how to upsell:

  • Present most reviewed or most sold products
  • Give more prominent space for the upsell, display testimonials for the upsell
  • Upselling product Should not more than 25% costlier than the original
  • Little details nail the deed. Add some visual appeal
  • Utilize customer personas if possible
  • Make suggestions relevant by giving context: why should I buy that instead of this?

For instant, don’t just shove a 54’ inch Samsung TV in my face when I’m looking at a 32’’ Panasonic; tell me why it’s meant for me: smart TV is my favourite, I’m the discerning up-to-date user, whose living room is way too big for a tiny 32’’.

Upsell in eCommerce

One of the most common ways to upsell is to suggest the next higher model.

Upselling in eCommerce

This strategy is utilized by almost any elite companies in the world

Another example of upselling from Amazon:

Upsell at Amazon
Upsell at Amazon


WooCommerce Cross/Upsell

I am telling you a big-deal fact: That is WooCommerce powers 30% of online eCommerce sites !!

Acknowledging that, WooCommerce is such a go-to online market if you are considering to throw out a store. And then you’re going to start wondering about all these options to generate a tiny little bit more money, simply by using upselling and cross-selling techniques, right?

Well, I have good news for you.

WooCommerce has several extensions that will help you with this – and I wanted to share them with you today.

1. Smart Offers

As it presents itself:

“Groundbreaking WooCommerce extension for creating powerful sales funnels & specials offers…automatically.“

Smart Offers allows you to offer additional, relevant products to your customers as they are completing the checkout process. Called the Super Profit System, this strategy can increase your conversion rate and sells products that would have otherwise gone unsold, increasing your profits and leaving your customers satisfied with their special deals.

Customer not interested in your upsell? Give them another offer – something valued lower or better suited to their needs. Check out this example of McDonalds using the Super Profit System.

Mcdonalds sales funnel
Mcdonalds sales funnel

This is how smart offer workplace looks in general.

Smart offer workplace

Smart offer workplace

The smart offer is not for free but nonetheless still a very worth considering extension for any sellers who want to utilize selling strategies and are in lack of a tool. This one tool costs you from $97.00, you can buy it here.

Buy smart offer
Buy smart offer

2. Woocommerce Checkout Addons & Upsells

This plugin is a Woocommerce extension that allows product upsells to be displayed on the checkout page and also additional checkout fields.

Product upsells are displayed on the checkout page and users can simply add the product to their order by just simply checking the checkbox

Available Addon fields are :

√ Text
√ Radio
√ Checkbox
√ Multi Checkbox
√ Dropdown
√ Multi Select
√ Text Area
√ File Uploader

Woo checkout addon upsell
Woo checkout addon upsell options

Addons can have options and prices

A dropdown select or radio addon can have the options and prices like :

If green is selected on the front-end,the price and label name are added to the checkout.

Woo checkout addon upsell

Product Upsells on checkout page looks like this.

Woo addon upsell at checkout page

Not as costly as Smart Offer plugin, this extension costs you from $19.00 and get Extend support to 12 months with an extra $5. You can have more info and buy it here.

Buy woo addon checkout

3. WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons

Wait a minute, I know right?

There are confusing moments where great extensions choose similar names that are very misleading. Anyway, this is a totally different extension.

Compare to the one above, ‘WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons’ is … more expensive. Because of that, the workplace looks a little more visual appealing thus somehow easier to use.

Woocommerce checkout add-ons
Woocommerce checkout add-ons

You can have some more info and buy the extension from $49.00 in here.

5. WooCommerce Bundles

Is Bundle another strategy for up/cross-selling? Yes, it is, along with downsell, Bogo, one-time offer and many others name which I’ll tell you more in next sequences. Surprise !!

WooCommerce Product Bundles also costs $49 for a single site license. And it lets you create simple bundles like:

Bundle details
Bundle details

In many stores, a Bundle is offered a slight discount. You could buy product A for $400 or buy product A ($400) and product B ($25) for a bundled price of $415.

How can you also give such bundling – suggestions for your customers? Here is how WooCommerce Bundles’ workplace looks like:

Woocommerce Bundles
Woocommerce Bundles

The Product Bundles extension is ideal for creating product packages with a static content: All bundled items are pre-defined, and customers may only select individual quantities and attributes, or add/remove any items that have been marked as optional. Check it out here.

Suggestion: if you want to build product kits that consist of individual components with dynamic, configurable product options, then the Composite Products extension might be a better option.

And if you check out WooThemes list of extensions, you’ll also find:


WooCommerce even provides more ways to sell products together, such as Grouped Products, Chained Products and Force Sells: Before deciding which is best for your particular application, it is advised to study all available documentation and always keep an eye out for new extension features. Automated upsells and cross-selling is where it’s at. When organizations move to automation, so that the internal staff don’t have to do the work of figuring out which are the best upsells and cross-selling products to offer, that’s when things really picked up.

Here’s maybe the best news of all.

If you don’t want to do upsells from the cart, or bundles – both of which I’ve shown you here – and you only want to do upsells on the product details page and cross-sells on the checkout page, then WooCommerce does that straight out of the box. For free. You can read the documentation right here.

Finally, from this series about up/cross-selling, there are a few things to note down which you already know:

And you also know these (which I quoted many times from Predictive Intent):

  • Upselling performs 20 times better than cross-selling when it comes to product pages.
  • Cross-selling can drive sales by 3% on checkout pages.




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