Why Use Fedex WooCommerce Shipping Plugin?

Should Use WooCommerce FedEx Shipping

Currently when shipping goods with WooCommerce you can use many useful shipping methods. I introduced you Top Free And Paid WooCommerce Shipping Methods, and today I’m happy to show you one of them – Fedex WooCommerce Shipping! Go to know why this is one of methods you should use!

What is the Fedex WooCommerce Shipping Plugin?

Fedex WooCommerce Shipping

FedEx Shipping is a premium method that allows you to pull shipping rates via the FedEx API. Fedex WooCommerce Shipping plugin helps WooCommerce based stores to streamline Fedex shipping integration. This plugin helps you to get shipping rates from Fedex APIs based on product weight, post code and other relevant details. Based on the postal codes and other parameters, all available shipping services along with the rates are listed for the customers to choose from.

WooCommerce Fedex Shipping Plugin Installation

Here are three simple steps to help you get WooCommerce Fedex Shipping:

Step 1:Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Step 2: Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu.

Step 3: Use the Woocommerce->Settings->Shipping->FedEx (BASIC) to configure the plugin.

Once this plugin is installed and configured with necessary information your WordPress/WooCommerce Shop will be ready to ship using Fedex. This plugin will add Fedex shipping method as one of the shipping methods in WooCommerce.

Why use Fedex WooCommerce Shipping plugin?

Calculate shipping rates dynamically

While checking out, a customer is presented with the available shipping services and the rates based on his/her postal code, product weight and dimensions. Customer can choose the best method that matches his/her requirements and proceed to payment.

New Features

If you are using another Extension Works shipping plugin with FedEx, for instance USPS, you may wish to send certain products with FedEx and others with USPS.

You can assign which shipping company will ship certain products. The features of the extension are:

  • This plugin offers a number of shipping methods for both International Shipping and Domestic shipping.
  • You can choose specific shipping Services’s to display at the checkout.
  • You can create Custom boxes to suit the size of your products.
  • Using your custom box, you can define the number of items you would like to pack into the custom box by setting up a maximum weight.
  • You can add a handling fee or add a discount to the Shipping cost.
  • Set a fallback rate, if the FedEx APi ever goes down, your customers will always be presented with a price.
  • You can re-name the shipping service title’s to suit your Website.
  • The product dimensions and weight will be used to pack your items into your Custom Boxes or the pre-defined boxes, once a box has reached it’s full capacity (using the dimensions and weight of your
  • product), another box will be added. A Box Packing Algorithm.
  • You can set up as many custom boxes as you need to. There is no limit.
  • Select which shipping rates to display at the checkout. Cheapest / Highest / All
  • You can ship with Weight Only- Regular sized items are grouped and quoted by weight only: Product dimensions are still taken into consideration. Not recommended if your products have irregular dimensions or have very large dimensions where dimensional weight will be used to determine the shipping price.
  • We have added a new feature to our WooCommerce shipping extensions, called ‘Order Limit’.We have allowed you to set up a dollar ( ORDER ) amount in the admin area of our extension. When the dollar ( ORDER ) amount is reached in the cart, the ‘Free Shipping’ feature will be available for your customers.

Final Thought

If you haven’t found out the suitable shipping method for your business yet,why don’t you try this?  Believe me! It’s worth trying WooCommerce Fedex Shipping. If you have any problem about this thing, don’t be hesitase to ask me in the comment section below!

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