How To Use WooCommerce Gift Cards?

How to Use WooCommerce Gift Cards?
How to Use WooCommerce Gift Cards?

Have you ever had that unpleasant feeling of having to make a present to someone, but not knowing what to buy? The same happen at your shop, a customer comes to purchase a present, browses the catalog in search of an idea, but he cannot be sure about what the recipient could like most and has many doubts: how does refund policy work in case the product should not be good? If the size were not the right one? If it did not arrive in time? That is the reason why gift card appear. It can make their lives easier of both the person who makes the gift and the person who receives it.
This is the reason for gift cards have become more and more popular, to such an extent that 98% of shops – and not only virtual shops – use them to increment sales volume and to localized customers.

What is WooCommerce Gift Cards ?

WooCommerce Gift Card
WooCommerce Gift Card

This is a plugin which allows you to manage and sell gift certificates for your site. You can sell them to your visitors, and accept payments through any of your other payment gateways. It will then allow your customers to purchase the gift card on the site that you will manually create.

You can now add additional functionality to the gift card plugin using some of my premium plugins offered through If you are looking for some functionality that I have not created let me know and I would be happy to look into offering it in the future.

Gifts are always welcome and WooCommerce Gift Cards lets you offer your users a powerful sales tool able to enhance the purchases made on your site. Allow your users to give discount coupons and gift cards of the amounts you want, and encourage your customers to gift them to possible new users of your shop. In this way, you will kill two birds with one stone: the possibility to make appreciated presents, and the chance to promote your products thanks to convenient coupons.

How to Install the WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin?

There are very easy steps to set up WooCommerce Gift Card:

Step 1: Install the WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin (Install and activate Woocommerce first)

Step 2: Activate the plugin

Step 3: Create Gift Card Products (Static price only – must set Gift card as a single product)

How to Use WooCommerce Gift Card?

You have installed the WooCommer Gift Card plugin and now  it is added to WooCommerce setting panel:


And then, you check mark to make a product a gift card:


After that, the option to show field on check out for gift card appear:


When Gift Card Option closed, products that are set to gift card will have extra fields:


And now, Gift card value added to totals:



As you see, WooCommerce Gift Cards will help your shop become more attractive because of customers behavior. Furthermore, it is very easy to install and use it for your business. So why don’t you start applying for WooCommerce Gift Cards now to get big benefits?

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