Using WooCommerce MailChimp To Improve Your Business


As you know, WooCommerce is a free e- Commerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Furthermore, it builds to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control. Addition to, MailChimp is a tool used to collect, manage email lists, create and send an email to your customer’s email lists. From there, you have the facility to understand, modify, improve quality improved in the future. After all, WooCommerce MailChimp allows you to collect email addresses from customers to use in your MailChimp campaigns.

Overview About WooCommerce MailChimp

First of all, WooCommerce MailChimp provides simple and flexible MailChimp integration for WooCommerce. And, it automatically subscribes customers to a designated MailChimp list and, optionally, MailChimp interest groups upon order creation or order completion.

Second, this can be done quietly or based on the user’s consent with several opt-in settings that support international opt-in laws. Furthermore, MailChimp will make your email marketing easy. However, if strategised well, it would benefit you massively. To say little, Email Marketing is still relevant. This plugin shapes all of your email marketing plans and carves out new paths to try. Besides, It will enable you to collect the email addresses from your customers when they place their orders via checkout.

Third, with this integration, you can automatically gather customer purchase data to create targeted customer segments in MailChimp. You will be able to send the right emails to the right customers at the right time based on data-driven segmentation and automatic triggers.

Main Features Of WooCommerce MailChimp

WooCommerce Event Selection

When using WooCommerce MailChimp you can fell comfortable with this feature. It helps you subscribe customers to MailChimp after order creation, processing, and completion.

Works with MailChimp Interest Groups

You can set one or more interest groups to add users to based on the selected MailChimp list.

Opt-In Settings

With this feature, MailChimp doubles opt-in support (control whether a double opt-in email is sent to the customer). Optionally, display an opt-in checkbox on the checkout page (this is required in some countries). It can control the label displayed next to the opt-in checkbox. And it controls whether or not the opt-in checkbox is checked or unchecked by default. Opt-In Settings control the placement of the opt-in checkbox on the checkout page

Benefit When Using WooCommerce MailChimp

Subscribe customers during checkout

When using WooCommerce MailChimp, it will show an email subscription checkbox on your checkout screen. Furthermore, it saves time and ensures your list is always up-to-date by giving customers the option to subscribe to your email list at checkout.

Send emails based on customer data and purchase history

We use eCommerce data when creating segments in MailChimp. This extension integrates with MailChimp’s eCommerce 360 feature and pulls purchase data into MailChimp. Create segments based on the number of purchases, total money spent, types of products purchased to make sure the right customers see your emails. Get as granular as specific SKUs and variations, with all the data right in MailChimp and ready for you.

Automatically send e-mails based on purchases

Granularly create automation and segments based on your eCommerce data. You can send an email or series of emails to welcome and educate customers or automatically suggest related products by creating a workflow. Trigger a series based on purchasing a specific product, category or change to customer data.

Add all this in a few clicks

Once you’ve entered your MailChimp API key, choose which email list to subscribe your customers to. You can enter your MailChimp API key, choose which email list to subscribe customers to, and you’re set.

How To Setup WooCommerce MailChimp?

Because WooCommerce MailChimp has its own many benefits. So, I am going to talk to you the way to setup WooCommerce MailChimp. There are four- simple- step to install WooCommerce MailChimp.

Step 1: Go to WooCommerce > Plugin > Add new > Install “WooCommerce MailChimp”

Step 2: Go to WooCommerce >> Setting>> MailChimp to set your MailChimp API Key and hit save.

But you have to come back your MailChimp >> profile to set your API key and then paste it in the “API key” box:

Step 3: Select whether you want customers subscribed to your MailChimp list after order creation or order completion (there’s a difference in WooCommerce). Next, select your MailChimp list and set any interest group settings (optional) and hit save.

Step 4: That’s it, now customers who purchase products from your WooCommerce store will automatically be subscribed to the selected list (and optional interest groups) in MailChimp!

Final Thought

In this article, I have shown you some basic overview about  WooCommerce MailChimp integration. I hope it is easy to understand, and useful for you to use WooCommerce MailChimp. And, If you have any problems about this, please leave your problem in the comment section below.

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