What Are Woocommerce WordPress Pros And Cons?

WooCommerce Wordpress

WooCommerce becomes more and more popular nowadays in eCommerce. After launched in September 2011, it has gained immense popularity because this plugin is free and easy to use. But to use this plugin effectively, you have to find the answers to two questions “What is WooCommerce WordPress?” and “What are WooCommerce pros and cons?”Keep reading to find your own answer.

What is WooCommerce WordPress?

WooCommerce is known as one of the most popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress worldwide. It has been appreciated and used by 28% of the online store around the world. WooCommerce WordPress plugin is free and open-source, so you can host it anywhere and make your WordPress website affordable and accessible in selling products and services. With this magical plugin, you can sell physical and digital products, take secure payment and sort taxes, manage shipping and inventory automatically.

WooCommerce WordPress Pros and Cons

With Woocommerce WordPress plugin, I can list the reasons why you could love this plugin or why this plugin must not be the best choice for your website.

WooCommerce WordPress Pros

  • Free: The first WooCommerce WordPress pros you must know is that it not costs you a thing. You just need to download it and wait a few minutes to have it.
  • Familiar: Secondly, if you have purchased anything online, I’m sure you have had experience with this plugin before. With a familiar platform, it is really easy to use with past users.
  • Professional and customizable: Next, Woocommerce WordPress pros are professional and customizable. This advantage puts the Woocommerce in the differents side with other apps and plugins. There are many themes with further modified color for you to customize your website. So you can build your unique website for your own business.
  • Secure: The POS of this platform must be the great thing you can find. It is regularly updated to take away your worry about security issues and bugs.
  • Large community support: the other pros of WooCommerce WordPress platform must be the community support where you can find the advice for all your problems. Now you can weed out all the bugs and other problems easier than ever.

And some more WooCommerce WordPress pros such as mobile friendly, thousands of paid add-ons, amazing features, etc.

WooCommerce Cons

Beside WooCommerce WordPress pros, there are many cons of this plugin you must know to make sure don’t make any fault while using or regret after choosing this plugin as your “partner”.

  • The frequency of WordPress updates: the most dissatisfied about the Woocommerce WordPress must be about the updates. You have to keep the WordPress plugin up to date with your current browsers. But sometimes the WooCommerce platform does not meet the updates; then you can operate some plugins as usually.
  • Can be costly: Even WordPress and WooCommerce are totally free, and there are a variety of choices of WordPress themes, sometimes these themes don’t meet your need. If you want to make changes to the layout of the theme, it may take your time to do on your own or take your money to have programmers do your work.
  • Require knowledge to effectively use: last but not least disadvantage of this plugin must be the require of knowledge to use it effectively. Sometimes when you want to update the store, it is hard for you to do by yourself if you don’t have the knowledge of both Woocommerce and WordPress. WooCommerce service providers or an expert developer is needed in this case.

Final thoughts

Woocommerce WordPress pros and cons may largely depend on your requirements of an individual eCommerce store. Discussing with your experts about the eCommerce requirements then deciding of which plugins must be able to fulfill your needs or not is better than going by the popular opinions.

After all, the qualities of Woocommerce WordPress are a really fancy plugin. Don’t forget it if you are planning to take part in eCommerce.




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