What’s New In WooCommerce 2.7

What's new in WooCommerce 2.7
What's new in WooCommerce 2.7

WooCommerce 2.7 is planned to be released in the new year and the first beta version of it will be released earlier in November 2016. We have followed very closely the development of WooCommerce, so what’s new in this fresh version of WooCommerce? In this article, we’re going to walk through over all new features in the new version so let’s get started!

New Product Gallery Display

The first new point of WooCommerce 2.7 is product gallery display in the single product. Obviously, with every online sale website, the most thing you do is to see the product. So the improvement of the product gallery display is one of the most important points that you should consult. To understand more about this feature, be sure to check out the following video:

With this feature, users can now perform both magnification and zooming (as lightbox). When you click on the thumbnails below, instead pops up a lightbox like before, it will display in the main image area. On the handset, you can swipe to flip through photos, pinch to zoom and swipe up to close, etc. In addition, also optimize images so that it looks sharper on the mobile device.

Product Gallery Displayed on Computer
Product Gallery Displays on Mobile Device
Product Gallery Displays on Mobile Device

With the development of the theme, please take notice of the changes in two files:


Moreover, you should also regard to the changes in JavaScript and CSS in WooCommerce 2.7 for this time.

The New CRUD Classes

The New CRUD Classes
The New CRUD Classes

In addition to the interface update, WooCommerce 2.7 version will include new CRUD classes so you can perform some operations with database (Create, Read, Update, Delete) in a more convenient way . Its benefits include:

  • Structured data for each resource
  • Control the flow of data, and any validation needed
  • As a developer, you don’t need to know the internals of the data you’re working with, just the names.
  • Once abstracted, the data can be moved elsewhere e.g. custom tables, without affecting existing code.
  • We can use the same code for updating things in admin as we do in the REST API and CLIs – everything is unified.
  • Less code = less change to malfunction and more unit test coverage.

Final Thoughts

Up to this time, besides 2 key features listed above, there were 73 issues have been closed and merged into the WooCommerce 2.7. We can see this in this the new version 2.7, the developers have fixed some bugs related to Coupon, Shipping Zones, REST API, etc. To be able to have WooCommerce 2.7 trial version right now, you can checkout master branch on Github.

Hope that after this article you’ll have an overview of WooCommerce 2.7. In the meantime What is your favorite WooCommerce 2.7 features? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Stay tuned for next article and have a great day!

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