20+ WooCommerce Coupon Plugins To Boost Your Sales


Are you looking to boost sales on your WooCommerce store in the holiday season? Coupons and discounts are the best way to capture new customers and get loyal customers to purchase more products. A study said that 68% of consumers are using social media to find their coupon deals. This means, that by giving away digital coupons to your visitors, you can probably get ahead of the competition and capture more sales on your store. That is the reason why today I’m here to give you the list of 20+ best WooCommerce coupon plugins to create coupons and gift cards on your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Coupons by Location

WooCommerce Coupons by Location restricts coupons by customer’s billing or shipping country, state, city, zip, pin code or postal code. According to research, customers convert more when offered a discount. Additionally, offering location-aware, contextual offers significantly boosts conversion rates.


WooCommerce Gift Coupons

WooCommerce Gift Coupons allows for creating gift coupons to reward customers with a free gift after applying the coupon code. There is little to configure since the extension builds on the powerful WooCommerce coupons functionality. Simply install the extension and create gift coupons straight away.


WooCommerce After Sales Coupon

WooCommerce After Sales Coupon is a straightforward plugin that allows you to easily offer a coupon to your customers for their next purchase after they’ve checked out. With this plugin, you can choose to create unique, one-time coupons to avoid abuse and easily choose whether to offer a fixed or percentage-based discount.


WooCommerce Coupon Exclusions

WooCommerce Coupon Exclusions is a powerful and easy to use WooCommerce extension which provides extended coupon usage restrictions. With this extension, you can avoid abuse when you’re running multiple coupon campaigns by choosing to exclude and remove coupons when a user tries to use them together. You can select exactly which coupons are excluded too, so users can use multiple coupons when you want to let them.


User Role Discount for WooCommerce

Want to offer unique staff discounts on your WooCommerce store? This extension does just that. In conjunction with the stock user roles system in WordPress, this plugin allows you to set a custom discount to specific user groups that are automatically applied when they’re logged in; no need for manually entering coupons and codes!


WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons

WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons is an extension for WooCommerce, providing automatic discounts and coupons based on the quantities of products in the cart. Volume discounts are normally of little use unless customers are made aware of them. This extension provides an excellent solution to this need, allowing to display discounts directly on products when they apply.


Social Coupon for WordPress

Social Coupon for WordPress is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to easily add a social coupon system to your site that allows users to get instant discounts for sharing your pages. Social Coupon makes it super easy for you to gain thousands of new fans and followers for your brand, and increase your social media traffic.


WooCommerce Coupons Countdown

WooCommerce Coupons Countdown is an extension for WooCommerce, providing pretty coupons with real-time countdown counters. Show your customers the coupons they can use and when they expire.


Woocommerce Gift Card

Woocommerce Gift Card plugin allows you to sell redeemable gift cards on your Woocommerce store. The gift cards are coupon codes which are generated automatically and can be applied to carts or products at checkout. It gets more interesting as you can send gift cards to other people.


WooCommerce User Discount

Enables you to set custom discount for registered and logged in users. This will bring more customers to register (to get the discount).You probably own an e-shop on WordPress platform with WooCommerce. Most of the customers usually do not register before they make an order because they do not have any benefits of being a registered customer.


Loyalty Rewards for WooCommerce

Features include:

  • NEW Table of predefined points values
  • Loyalty points system works by exchanging points with money at the checkout process.
  • Give points/money to a certified buyer when they review a product.
  • Extra rewards per payment gateway
  • Subscription rewards
  • Coupon code to give rewards
  • Auto update feature in WordPress
  • Extra rewards per product
  • Show in email rewards earned and used
  • Show rewards in the product page


WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers allows you to sell voucher codes that can then be redeemed at a physical location. This is perfect for stores that wish to sell tickets to events, discount codes for on-site pickup, class admission tickets and more. You can give your customers the ability to set a recipient name, email, and message to purchase these vouchers as a gift or for themselves. With the PDF Vouchers Extension, You can create unlimited vouchers, either for Local Businesses / Local Stores or even online stores.


KWoo Integration

It’s hard to get customers but it’s harder to keep them, so you must keep them informed about your business. For this Kwoo Integration has been created, a plugin that integrates your WooCommerce Customers and your news systems Knews.


Code Shop

Code Shop is a powerful WordPress plugin, which allows you to sell coupon/voucher/license codes directly on your website. It handles payments through multiple payment gateways (PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa, EgoPay, BitPay, PerfectMoney, and Stripe) and can be easily integrated into WordPress pages using shortcodes. It also accepts bitcoins using Blockchain.info API. Code Shop is the easiest and perfect way to distribute coupon/voucher/license codes and monetize the website.


WooCommerce Coupon Messages

This extension for WooCommerce allows overriding the default messages for coupons.


WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend

WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend is a great marketing plugin that allows your customers to become your ambassadors. Once the plugin is set up it gives the opportunity to your customers to sponsor (or refer) friends by filling a simple form with their friend’s data (First Name, Last Name, Email address and an optional message). If the form is valid (email must not already belong to your active customer’s database), it will send an email containing a unique Coupon for that person. You decide the amount, the type and the duration of that coupon.
After receiving the email if the friend uses the coupon to buy stuff on your website, the process goes on and the referrer will receive a “Reward Coupon” of the amount you decided.


WooCommerce Every Order Coupon

After every order, the customer will receive a coupon for their next order. This way, after the first order, they will get a discount and be more motivated to come back. The generated coupon needs a role model coupon, which can be configured via Coupons managements in WooCommerce.


Coupon Creator

This plugin allows you to create a coupon by going to the coupon custom post type and filling in all the settings in the custom meta box. Insert the coupon into a post or page using the shortcode inserter above the content editor. Create and display WooCommerce Coupons from the Coupon Creator Editor. Create your own coupon with a display on your site using a shortcode or upload an image of a coupon instead. The Pro License comes with 5 border styles, recurring expirations, a column and row inserter and visual editor for the coupon terms, custom coupon sizing, and more.


YITH WooCommerce Share For Discounts

Users can be encouraged to share your products, getting two different results easily: they will make your products well-known thanks to their sharing, and in return, they will obtain a discount when they will purchase them. YITH WooCommerce Share For Discounts offers only positive outcomes, increasing both your sales and the satisfaction of your customers.


Final Thought

If you’re using WooCommerce to power your online store, you might be looking for an even better solution for managing coupon campaigns and I hope this list can help you to do that! Do you love those WooCommerce Coupon Plugins? Or do you have any question about them? Please give your opinion in the comment section below!

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