WooCommerce Email Templates Give Customers Astonishing Gifts


Nowadays, email becomes more and more popular around the world for both personal and business purposes. It creates a very reliable and fast foundation for communication that allows free access. In your WooCommerce store, email plays a significant role you can ever imagine. It can help you build relationships with loyal customers as well as potential ones. It also helps increase your profits and shows customers your business credibility. Therefore, WooCommerce Email Templates will be an excellent choice for you while considering how to turn emails to astonishing gifts that every customer deserve to receive.

The Benefit Of Using WooCommerce Email Templates

As you all know, email templates allow you to edit and choose the appropriate formatting and text of emails. Templates can have various forms like text-only or HTML and text. As a publisher of the emails, you can create your own unless you want simple and boring default ones. However, you can either create and customize WooCommerce Email Templates yourself. Or you can install WooCommerce Email Templates plugins.

There are many benefits of WooCommerce Email Templates to your e-commerce store. Firstly, using WooCommerce Email Templates means that you are using an effective social media strategy. Emails can deliver your messages effectively and cheaply to the intended recipients. Secondly, beautiful WooCommerce Email Templates will satisfy your customers as if they were receiving gifts decorated with love and care. Thirdly, these templates can also help you approach potential customers. You don’t have to think about what to write over again. Thus, why should we take a look at two ways of using WooCommerce Email Templates?

Two Ways Of Using WooCommerce Email Templates

Customizing WooCommerce Email Templates

To shop owners who wish to decorate the stores themselves, customizing WooCommerce Email Templates seems to be the most suitable option. You can now build custom templates for emails from WooCommerce. Just follow these steps and you will have your WooCommerce Email Templates perfectly customized.

Downloading Template Examples

You need to go to Follow-Up Emails and click Templates in the WordPress menu to see free example templates. Then you should click download to get these templates stored in a new directory in your active theme directory called “follow-up-emails”. Once the Download button changed to the green text, that when you know the template has been successfully installed.

Creating Email Templates

Creating a follow-up email template is not that hard as you think. As a developer of your store, you just need to use this syntax in the areas you wish to customize contents in the email. At the beginning, you need to give your template a line of code in the above image.

The Unique name of your choosing is important because it is used to show the name of your template. You need to understand this clearly to select templates for each email. The variables of text use the syntax like {section: title} with the title of your choice. You had better use a descriptive name because you will use that name in order to create the content. When you need to edit an email, you will see many options in the template box. In the drop-down menu, you are free to choose your uploaded template. If you don’t want to choose the custom templates, you can choose the default one by WooCommerce. Next, a lot of new variables will appear based on your {section: title}’s that you have added to your template. Therefore, you should select a suitable format to add content for specific sections. Text, images or anything can also be a wise selection. If you forget to fill in any of the variable tags, it will not show up in the email. Finally, you should save your email and have a look at it.

Editing Email Templates

If you want to edit just some details on the downloaded versions, you should click “HTML”. Then, you can make your changes like editing directly on the screen. Be sure that you have click “Save” before leaving the editing screen.

Using WooCommerce Email Templates Plugins

YITH WooCommerce Email Templates

Using plugins has always been a perfect method for those who do not have much time to explore things themselves. YITH WooCommerce Email Templates provide shop owners with a number of templates. Therefore, messages delivered to customers will look more professional and appealing. The more you customize, the more your customers will be satisfied. First, you are able to add the logo of your choice, set colors and typography easily. It gives you a specific panel to create unlimited email templates. Moreover, it shows a drop-down menu to choose the suitable template to use. A solid base of this plugin will give you four different layouts to have you designed better templates. Fourth, YITH WooCommerce Email Templates shows your users social network buttons to access very quickly. Therefore, your customers will come closer to your WooCommerce store just by a click. At last, writing a brand new footer with gorgeous logos will certainly catch your customers’ attention.


Woo Email Control

In order to bring you a more interesting email template, Ian Young has developed this plugin. It allows you to get more control over your WooCommerce emails. There are many things you can do while using this WooCommerce Email Templates plugin. The most outstanding feature of Woo Email Control is to help you add product images of any size. Or you can attach images to your emails template. This will prevent users of thinking your emails as spams. Besides, it replaces the WooCommerce default functionality with the easier selection of email header images. Thirdly, you can also check your email again to improve the content or edit any details by using the testing facility of Woo Email Control. Hence, your email will become more lively and friendly to users.


Final Words

WooCommerce Email Templates just like small advertisements of your business’ credibility, friendliness together with care for the customers. There is plenty of handy tools with complex email templates for you to make awesome emails of your own. If you want to impress your customers, remember to make them love to see them!

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