WooCommerce Extra Product Options Overview And Installation

Woocommerce Extra Product Options

What happens if you do not know the programmer but still want to use some more plugin. You should use the support plugins which are available to add more features to Woocommerce. Specifically, in this article, we will redo the additional product attributes, professional product variants with the Woocommerce Extra Product Options plugin with the price of $19 at Codecanyon.

What Is WooCommerce Extra Product Options?

As I’ve said, WooCommerce Extra Product Options is an extension can help you create priced product variations, conditional logic, build style & validate features and forms. It was ranked as five stars support.

With Extra Product Options the current functionality of your WooCommerce products will meet your need. You also can add conditional logic to your forms, have further pricing options to attract your customer’s attention. Moreover, you can control the placement of the new fields because of the From builder.

This plugin gives you full support for checkboxes, radio buttons, text areas, input boxes, select boxes, upload, date, range and color picker.

With just $19 for so many advantages like that, you are not able to find any better creation for your website than WooCommerce Extra Product Options.

How To Install WooCommerce Extra Product Options

The WooCommerce Extra Product Options is a magic plugin. That must make you think it is hard for you to install it to your website. But no. The installation is very simple, all you have to do is following these steps.

Step 1

After the purchase from Codecanyon, go to the Download section of Codecanyon and download the installation package of this plugin.

WooCommerce extra product options

Then unzip it and you will see it has the following files and folders:


Documentation: The directory that contains documentation to use this plugin, should read when available to understand the usage more clearly.

Extensions: The added extensions of this plugin, set it as a normal plugin.

The rest of the file and directory contains the plugin installation package, we will use the .zip file to install on our website as a normal plugin offline.

Step 2

From the WordPress dashboard, you choose Plugins > Add New

Step 3

Then, select Upload from the set of links on the head of the page

Step 4

Now, browse for the zip file with title woocommerce-tm-extra-product-options.zip and click the Install Now button after finishing browse.

Step 5

When your installation is completed, you click Activate Plugin to activate WooCommerce Extra Product Options and enable the features.

Plus, this plugin also can be installed by FTP Manager. This option is not for people have no previous web experience or have no idea what an FTP Manager is. In other words, this method is used for the developer who has wise understanding of WordPress and plugin.

1. Access your host via the FTP manager

2. Access the plugins directory of your WordPress install thorugh/(WordPress directory)/wp-content/plugins/
If the WordPress is installed in your root folder, the path is /wp-content/plugins.

3. Find the directory with title woocommerce-tm-extra-product-options and browse it and all files within to the directory from the 2nd step.

4. From the WordPress dashboard, you choose Plugins > Installed Plugins

5. Install the newly added plugin then click on the Activate link to enable the features.

Now the WooCommerce Extra Product Options is ready for you to expand your business with many useful and magical features. Take time to explore all the features in it. Enable all the features you need to keep your work going better.

Last messenger

WooCommerce Extra Product Options is really helpful but every coin has two sides. Make sure to find further information about this plugin to find out if it is necessary for your web or not. Ask your developer to get wiser advice.

See you in next article.

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