How To Change WooCommerce Number Of Products Per Page


There are many plugins that allow you to be friendly with your customer and control your site best. One of them you can comment is the WooCommerce number of products per page. This plugin contains many major thing like ease of use, a number of features, developer friendliness, high extendability… Are you curious about this plugin? And do you want to know more about it? Let’s see below and do not fall into sleep. Just keep reading.

What is WooCommerce Number of Products Per Page?

WooCommerce Products Per Page is a simple plugin that adds a very valuable feature to your WooCommerce site. It’s possible for you and your customer to change the products listed per page. When your customers are shopping online on your site, they want the best experience possible, for some, this means to have a few products per page, while others like to have a long list of many products available, even all of them.

So you can use this plugin to change the number of product per page as you desire and of course, your customers can choose how many products they want to see per page.

How Many Products Show Per Page In WooCommerce

The number of products shows per page in WooCommerce is unlimited. You can set up and change any number you want. It means the number of products shown per page depends on the owner and the customer’s desire. And of course, not too much and too less, because it makes your WooCommerce display look bad and hard to see.

How to Change WooCommerce Number of Products Per Page?

You built your website by WordPress, using WooCommerce to show products and of course, you already install WooCommerce Products Per Page, you also created two (or more) different category layout templates for your categories, now you want to change a number of products per page. But the thing is you do not know “Is it possible to change WooCommerce number of products per page and how to do it? Don’t worry, this information I’m gonna next is exactly what you need to know right now.

To change the number of products in your WooCommerce page, here are three other options.

Option 1: Change Number of Products In Your WooCommerce Dashboard

To do this option, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you are already logged into your WooCommerce dashboard. After that, just do step by step below:

  • Navigate to Cherry Options tab
  • Then navigate to Shop settings tab. At the appeared screen change the value under “ Products per page” option to the desired products count.
  • Click Save Options at the bottom right of Shop settings interface.
  • Navigate back to your shop front-end and refresh the page to see changes.


If you don’t set up Cherry Options tab, you can change your Reading Settings:

Pretty sure you don’t need to implement custom code for this – if you just change the following wp-admin option to the desired value, this controls how many products are shown per page:

In the normal WP Admin, go Settings > Reading > “Blog pages show at most”

Set that setting to however many products you want to show per page.

Of course, this will impact both your blog’s total number of posts in the list, and your store, because products are simply a custom post type, and this affects all default “posts” page lists.

Option 2: Change Products Per Page on WooCommerce Shop

By default in WooCommerce, you would need to use advanced functions to alter the number of products displayed per page. However, in the Total WordPress theme, there is a built-in setting to change that. Simply go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Archive and change the Posts Per Page field.

Option 3: Using Some Plugin to Change Products Per Page

There are two plugins I want to recommend to you:

This plugin allows you to change the number and columns of products per page in product archives. You only need to select your settings in an admin panel options menu.

It allows you to configure the same, but presents the selection to a site visitor on the front end, saves their selection in a cookie and applies the setting site-wide.

Option 4: Put Code in Your Functions.php

Example, if you want to display 20 products per page in category_1 and 40 products per page in category_2, you should put this code in your functions.php


There are many way to change WooCommerce Number of Products Per Page, you can do all of them times by times. But remember how to change quickly and perfectly for your display more beautiful and make your WooCommerce better.

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