WooCommerce Plugins Roundup: WooCommerce Plugins In April 2017

WooCommerce Plugins of the Month

When you plan to start up a new online store, you might have a lot of questions and options in mind. There are thousands of WooCommerce products specialized for the different purpose. You can easily find feature-rich hostings, themes, plugins, customization services, and support brands in WooCommerce store.
Among the thousands of WooCommerce plugins, selecting one which is suitable for your next site is really a tough task. If you are well experienced and have a good idea for your site, then it is not so problematic for you. But for a newbie, it seems like searching a pearl in the ocean. So, to help you get rid of this difficult problem, here we had made the collection of carefully handpicked WooCommerce plugins.

We have included the plugins that are preeminent in April in this collection for April. Every month we publish a monthly WooCommerce plugins roundup, which includes the plugins outstanding in the current month and the month before this. The plugins are selected on the basis of usability, popularity, simplicity, and pleasing design.

WooCommerce Interactive Reporting

This WooCommerce Plugin is interactive drill-down sales data report for day-to-day sales monitoring and management. It also interacts with the charts happens in the most natural way – with a simple touch, pinch or swipe. Especially, WooCommerce Interactive Reporting
is compatible also with WooCommerce 3.0

Download DEMO

WooCommerce Smart Orders Page

Woocommerce 3.0 admin orders page is missing some important columns due to performance reasons. Thier small plugin adds additional columns to orders page so staff and admin can manage their store and orders easier.
It’s also compatible also with WooCommerce 3.0 3.x and higher.


WooCommerce Stripe ACH Gateway

Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway allows customers to pay directly using their Bank account using Stripe ACH Gateway!
Features Overview:

  • Allows payment with bank account number and routing number. (No credit card required!)
  • Verifies account with micro-deposits
  • Works along with official stripe WooCommerce integration
  • Easy installation
  • Mobile-friendly/Friendly Support
  • Plaid integration. Plaid will allow users to pay by logging using their bank username and password.


WPA WooCommerce Product Bundle

WPA WooCommerce Product Bundle helps you increase your sale by suggested products that users generally buy together is one of the most effective among these marketing strategies, much more appealing and customers who see them might be already interested in them. This way, conversion rates are really high.


Woocommerce Extra Variation

This plugin works under Woocommerce. It creates an extra variation for your products. Automatically adds extra variation lists created to all categories or desired categories. It removes the necessity of making individual variations for each product. Whether your products are simple or variant, they allow you to create extra variations for all your products.


WooCommerce Buying Guide

Your customers need advice because most of the time they do not know what the best product is for their needs. Our buying guide plugin helps you with that. Think about what questions your buyers have and start creating your product advisor. The perfect shop would have at least one guide for each category. Start guiding your customer and generate more sales by selling the right products.


Woocommerce PayDock Payment Gateway

Woocommerce PayDock Payment Gateway plugin allows the Woocommerce to accept credit card payments on your site through a large list of payment gateways, such as Authorize.net, Braintree, Eway, Stripe, Worldpay, etc. So, you do not need to get a lot of plugins for using various gateways on several sites.
Note: this gateway implementation requires the CURL to be Enabled on your hosting account. Also, make sure that SSL is enabled on your site (not required for Sandbox mode).


WooCommerce Planned Pricing

If you ever want to run a campaign that will increase or down the price base on total product unit sold, but you can’t do, so it’s the good time to do it now, with WooCommerce Planned Pricing. This WooCommerce Plugin can increase/decrease the price of each product that added to cart base on the total unit sold.


WooCommerce Marketplace Web Push Notification

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Web Push Notification Plugin allows the seller to send push notification messages to subscribed users. Web push notifications are messages that come from a website. You get them on your desktop or device even when the concerned web page is not open in your browser. They are new marketing channel to re-engage your visitors without knowing their email or other contact details.


Jomblo WooCommerce Reporting with Expenses Module

Shows you Recent Orders and Sales Order Summary in an easy to understand manner. You can see product performance, their sales trend and can take business decisions based on that. It also shows you key performance indicators (total orders, total sales, total customers, sales order count by order status etc.) so you can quickly gauge the performance of your business. View sales trends of specific products. You can track your expense and compare with your sales.


Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you’ve found at least one or two WooCommerce plugins that you can use to make your online store even more powerful. We’ve listed the great plugins in April, but if you think we missed one just leave a comment or fill in this form below, let us know how that plugin works out and share your experience with our other readers! I would love to mention it in an upcoming roundup.

Check out our edition WooCommerce plugins in March and also, waiting for the edition WooCommerce plugins in May of our monthly WooCommerce plugins roundup.


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