WooCommerce Plugins Roundup: WooCommerce Plugins January 2017


A new year, a new month and a new WooCommerce Plugins Roundup! With the beginning of the marvelous 2017, here we came with our first monthly roundup of the year. Best premium WooCommerce Plugins January 2017 is the collection of genuine well tested, high compatibility, responsive and best-optimized WooCommerce plugins for various niches.

This collection lists WooCommerce plugins that are trending in January 2017. Every month we are going to publish similar WooCommerce Plugins roundup, which includes the outstanding plugins in the current month. These plugins are carefully hand-picked on the basis of sales, popularity, functionalities and uniqueness.

Below is the roundup of the most highlighted premium WooCommerce plugins January 2017 by independent WooCommerce plugins shops.

Let’s Explore Trending WooCommerce Plugins January 2017

WooCommerce Advanced Product Label

WooCommerce already comes with several “labels” such as “on sale”, “sold out”,… However, there are sometimes when you want more versatile product labels. WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels is the answer! With Advanced Products Labels, you can create labels quickly and easily. Promote your free products, show “Free Shipping” or other special attributes of products. By using conditions you can add any label to specific products in your shop.

Price: $15


mCommerce – WooCommerce Mobile Theme

Having a responsive mobile eCommerce site is very important for anyone who is selling products online. It’s a big part of any eCommerce strategy and allows you to get your goods in front of the of people who are spending way more time on mobile than on desktop.

mCommerce takes your shopping online to another level for the growing number of people who use mobile sites to make purchases.

Use mCommerce to start building an impressive mobile platform that syncs 100% with your WooCommerce store. It is easy and quick for anyone to have a mobile site up and running in no time.

Price: $15


WooCommerce Filter Plus: Unlimited Product Filter

WooCommerce Filter Plus is a plugin which allows WooCommerce users can use tools and options to filter products as they need. It is very easy to install and works with minimal settings.

Price: $15


Facebook Pixel for WooCommerce

With Facebook Pixel for WooCommerce plugin, you can easily add Facebook Conversion on all pages.

Price: $35


Woocommerce Cashback + wallet credit system

Woocommerce Cashback Coupon + wallet credit system allows account funding by Cashback can make the purchase with the amount deposited in the account. Own funds directly on your online store without having to use the credit card or PayPal for each transaction.

Price: $21


Recently Viewed Products for WooCommerce

“Recently Viewed Products for WooCommerce” is a simple and easy plugin which enable you to collect useful data from your store visits and shows products that viewed recently. The plugin has a built-in widget, bottom-carousel, shortcode, bottom-grid modules and so on.

Price: $18


Flance Add Multiple Products order form PRO Woocommerce Plugin

Flance Add Multiple Products order form PRO Woocommerce Plugin has the form to add multiple products to the cart and then calculate in the same page the total price of the order. In the new version, you can easily customize backend settings the sku, attributes,  in stock, descriptions, image, quantity, price columns can hide or shown. The shortcode can be used anywhere in the posts and pages place. Moreover, it also enables you to show the product attributes on the page with adding the product attributes to the cart.  

Price: $16  


WooCommerce Simple Bulk Discounts

WooCommerce Simple Bulk Discounts is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to give your customers the discounts when purchasing items. For example, a customer buys 3 items and gets 1 free or gets $10 off total sum. With this plugin, you can setup multiple bulk discounts rules for product quantity and specific user role. It integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and no need special skills.

Price: $19


WooCombo – Multifunctional WooCommerce Widgets and Tabs

WooCombo is WooCommerce plugin which provides useful widgets for your online store. You can use these widgets combined (tabbed) or one by one. With simple shortcodes, you can also put same widgets to anywhere you want on your website.

Price: $14


CTL Woocommerce EAN

Are you finding EAN code in WooCommerce and do not know where can purchase it? Now, you are in the right place! CTL Woocommerce EAN allows you to set EAN code in your products!

Price: $9


Garanti 3D Virtual POS Gateway for WooCommerce

Garanti 3D Virtual POS Gateway allows you to accept standard payments via Garanti Bank Virtual POS 3D.  This plugin is secure, fast and reliable. It accepts major Credit Cards such as Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®

Price: $39


MPGS Woocommerce Pro

MPGS Woocommerce pro is a WooCommerce plugin payment gateway that enables you to accept payments from international customers. MPGS is the “Mastercard Internet Gateway Service” gateway that some merchants use for their generic gateway. Don’t let the name fool you, this service supports all major credit cards, it supports all banks such as ANZ eGate, CommWeb (Commonwealth Bank), Bendigo Bank …You DON’T need to pay monthly payments. It’s very easy to install and configure.

Price: $29


WooCommerce Wishlist & Collection

WooCommerce Wishlist & Collection is an awesome WooCommerce plugin that allows customers to add their favorite items to their personal wishlists. Another exciting thing is your site customer can easily manage their collections. 3 types of collection are available private, public, and shared. Users can share their collections with the specific group of users.

Price: $17


WooCommerce Product Bundle

WooCommerce Product Bundle is a plugin that helps you bundle some products with predefined quantity, offer them at a discount and track the sales go up!

Price: $19


Visual Product Designer/Customizer for Woocommerce

Visual Product designer/customizer is used to design or customize – “build your own” visual any WooCommerce products like Headphones, Sunglasses, Bikes, T-shirts, Watches, Controllers, and even Pizzas – no limitations!

Price: $24


WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Commission Plugin

WooCommerce Marketplace Advanced Commission allows admin to set commission for categories, products, and seller categories. You can also use various commission rules to charge commission from the seller. In case a product lies under various categories on which admin has set the commission, the highest commission will be applicable on this product.

Price: $79


Shipper WP – Shipping Labels for WooCommerce

Shipper WP integrates with EasyPost to provide you a streamlined order fulfillment workflow. Compare, shipper, and print shipping labels from multiple carriers for your WooCommerce orders. It instant accesses to Commercial Plus pricing from USPS and complete with customs forms.

Price: $33


WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum Order Amount & Quantity

WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum Order Amount & Quantity plugin enables you to set up the minimum and maximum purchase limit as well as quantity for every single product on your WooCommerce store. If as customer crosses the WooCommerce purchase limits or tries to buy below minimum purchase limit, the plugin will not allow users to buy that product.

You can set the Quantity and Price limit to every registered user as well as for guest user too. Set WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum limit based on user roles are also possible in this plugin. You can also set Minimum and Maximum Order Amount & Quantity for particular some product category on your website.

Price: $22


Wrapping Up

Was the roundup helpful? Hopefully, this list helps you choose to a niche WooCommerce plugin for your next WooCommerce online store. Feel free to share your experiences, questions, and recommendations. I highly appreciate them.

If you are a plugin author and think that your plugin is worthy to have a place in this list. Please fill in this form below. I would love to know about it.

Also, waiting for the edition February WooCommerce Plugins of our monthly WooCommerce plugins roundup.

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