WooCommerce Square Integration: WooSquare Plugin

WooCommerce Square
WooCommerce Square

WooCommerce is the most popular way to build an online store. Square is the most popular way to build a point-of-sale solution in many countries. Why not bring the two together? That’s the idea behind the new WooCommerce Square plugin. This was the most popular requested feature by WooCommerce customers.

What is WooCommerce Square Plugin?

This is a solution to integrate and synchronize data between WooCommerce – the great open source web eCommece solution and Square – the rising payment solution with multi-millions of users. These are great e-commerce solutions in their own way. And a connector/bridge between the two has become necessary. Luckily, the two platform both offer API and that made integration possible.

Why Should Use WooCommerce Square Plugin?


WooSquare purpose is to migrate & synchronize data (sales –customers-invoices-products inventory) between Square system point of sale & Woo commerce plug-in. Square is a free point of sale software that facilitate the process of selling products.

Need for that to simplify the process of selling data and integration between woo commerce and customers who use square point of sale at their transactions without the need to adjust the inventory at both sides Synchronize products categories-products-products variations-discounts –quantity –price between Square & WooCommerce.

Synchronize any updates at products details. Synchronize Customers create orders, all orders details at square must be synchronized at WooCommerce with products quantity deduction.

There will be options if the system contains same products SKUs , available options:

  • WooCommerce product Override square product
  • Square product Override Woo commerce product


How does WooCommerce Square Work?

  • Users pay in Square.
  • Square will connect to your server.
  • Square update WooCommerce inventory.
  • Transactions reflected on WooCommerce orders.
  • Easy, instant, self-managed refunds between WooCommerce & Square.
  • Woocommerce inventory gets updated.

The plugin was created based on latest Woocommerce and Square API, here are the main features:

  • Easy setup, no technical knowledge required
  • Real-time and manual sync
  • Flexible configuration
  • No third party involved in data synchronization
  • Support latest Woocommerce and Square API

Final Thought

Overall, WooCommerce Square is a very useful product and works well. How do you think about this plugin? Is this useful for your business?

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“Square is the most popular way to build a point-of-sale solution in many countries”… I thought the same as well. Pity that this plugin only works for US/Canadian merchants pricing in dollars as we’re a UK based retailer currently using square.


Link for plugin ?